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A drabble for [ profile] mcicioni who asked for Raffles and the word "safe."

Title: Safecracker
Fandom: Raffles
Pairing: Bunny/Raffles
Rating: Teen
Warnings: None needed
Word count: 100
Summary: Raffles' magic.
Notes: This is sort of a TV-verse and bookverse blend. I haven't tried to pastiche Hornung's writing style.

"I'm a magician," Raffles declared once, ebullient on twenty-five matched rubies. "I transform safes into unsafes!"

Bunny laughed, but thought about it later. He might have been a safe man if he'd never met Raffles. Avoided gambling, lived within his means, married a nice girl, known crime only as newspaper reports.

But there is Raffles, and all the trembling unsafety he brings. The fear as Raffles picks a lock or tricks a constable. The criminal ecstasy of their bodies together.

Perhaps the jewels feel like this. Perhaps they gladly desert their respectable safes, eager for the touch of Raffles' hands.

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I felt like I should comment on this, but I'm just sitting here nodding.


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