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Title: Favouritism
Fandom: Life on Mars
Characters: Gene Hunt
Rating: Teen
Warnings: None needed
Word count: 200
Summary: Tyler causes trouble even when he's not around. Maybe especially then.
Notes: Written for [ profile] pinkdormouse, who asked for slashy Sam & Gene friendship and "another fine mess you've got us into." Set ca. S2 or possibly post-show. I should mention that I never watched Ashes to Ashes and this fic ignores everything I've heard about it.

"Tyler's gonna be all right," Skelton says, out of breath. "They're keeping him in hospital tonight because of the knock on the head, but they think he's fine."

"Did you call me out of a suspect interview for that?" Gene has got the little toerag sweating, too. GBH against a copper; he's not hard enough to face it. He'll give up his boss.

"Sorry, guv. I thought you'd want to know." Must have done, as he obviously ran from the car park. He's pink and shiny-faced.

"Do I look like WDC Cartwright? Go and tell her, she's probably crying her eyes out in the ladies'. And stay the fuck away from this interview room."

"Sorry," Skelton says again, and almost trips over a chair backing away.

Christ. Tyler's enough trouble on his own without the others acting like Tyler's his pet or his friend or something.

He'll show them Gladys is no friend of his. When the stupid sod's out of hospital, Gene'll put him right back in for not taking more care.

"Stupid," Gene says. "You bloody stupid . . . "

Now Tyler's got him talking to the air. Gene cracks his knuckles. Time to make someone pay.

The first commenter can make a new ficlet request. Details are here on DW and here on LJ.


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