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Title: The Fly in the Ointment
Fandom: Tintin
Characters: Milou (aka Snowy), Tintin/Haddock
Rating: All ages
Warnings: None
Word count: 350
Summary: Everything has changed.
Notes: Written for [ profile] miss_morland, who asked for Tintin/Haddock from an outside POV. Um, the dog has an interior monologue in canon, OK? Also, I've used Milou's French name because (a) I'm reading Tintin in French, and (b) on the whole I like the French names better than the translated ones.

Milou has always slept at master Tintin's side. That's his place, ever since he was a puppy and the night was so big it frightened him. Now that he's grown and fearless, he guards Tintin.

But when Tintin started sleeping next to the hairy man, that changed everything. It's not the hairy man who's the problem--the bed's big, so Milou just lies on the other side. Tintin pets him and calls him a good boy, and so does the hairy man sometimes. The hairy man's strong, too, and he barks well; between them, Tintin's sure to be safer than ever.

Milous doesn't even mind when they shoo him out of the room because they want to mate. They always let him back in later, after the howling he set off--he couldn't help it, he was lonely--the one time they forgot.

No, Milou likes the hairy man. He and Tintin keep each other sweet-tempered, most of the time, and that means Milou gets his favorite treat almost every day even if he barks in the house or forgets to heel.

The problem's the cat. That filthy blue-faced spitting monster. It slinks around and hides and it's got no respect for anyone, not even the hairy man. At night it'll creep into the bedroom and walk all over the bed, cool as you please, stepping on faces and tails, ignoring the hairy man when he grumbles "lie still, you damned beast!" Eventually it curls up on the hairy man's belly and closes its smug eyes and purrs like it owns the world.

It wouldn't bark if a burglar came in, Milou's sure of that. It would just go back to sleep. But the hairy man feeds the disloyal thing salmon and cream, pets it, and so does Tintin. The master smells of cat now, it's horrible.

Milou keeps trying to chase it away, but he just gets clawed by the cat and shouted at by the humans. He's not giving up, though. One day he'll give it the scare it deserves, and then life will be just about perfect.

The first commenter (who hasn't requested a ficlet in this round) can now make a new ficlet request. Details are here on DW and here on LJ.

on 2011-11-13 05:37 am (UTC)
kay_cricketed: (Default)
Posted by [personal profile] kay_cricketed
Wonderful writing in this. I loved especially: and the night was so big it frightened him; and he barks well; and keep each other sweet-tempered. I love the idea of Tintin ushering Milou out of the room so he can have sex without his pet watching. XD XD

The master smells of cat now, it's horrible. /dead

Adorable, funny, and ugh, it feeds right into my obsession with domesticity. Awesome ficlet!

on 2011-11-16 07:14 pm (UTC)
kay_cricketed: (Default)
Posted by [personal profile] kay_cricketed
Agreed completely! I love the more domestic nature of the later stories, and how both of them slowly come to settle (together, no less). Tintin especially intrigues me because I think you're right; he's probably never had a real home and certainly not this level of cohabitation. I love that he comes to call Moulinsart home, but especially that he does so with increasing ease. Some of my favorite moments in the later stories are where we can see the captain and Tintin simply walking together through the grounds, reading books together, taking breakfast, barging into each other's rooms willy nilly, etc. There is such comfort in the strange, lovely place they've carved out in the world in between adventures.

Also, it means more Tintin running around in his pajamas. Always a good thing.


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