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Title: Solo Ascent
Fandom: Tintin
Characters or Pairing: Tintin; Tintin/Haddock implied
Rating: All ages
Warnings: None
Word count: 200
Summary: Tintin goes on alone.
Notes: This isn't the "real" Tintin fic I'm working on at several folks' request, just a little drabble inspired by re-reading Tintin in Tibet. Angsty as an angsty thing, but we know it all ends well.

Tintin has never been as alone as this. No sound but his footsteps and the wind, no sign of humanity. Only the mountains. Charabang is a day's walk ahead; the lamasery, two days behind. Chang is somewhere beyond the village. The captain is on his way back to Kathmandu.

Tintin had hoped the captain would change his mind. But he's alone, except for Milou and the prickling certainty that Chang is alive.

If he makes it up the mountain and down again, what then? Can he go home to Moulinsart and expect the captain to receive him? In the captain's mind, he knows, it's Tintin who did the leaving, choosing a ghost over everything true and solid.

Could he go home (home?) to the rue Labrador? Could he follow Chang to London?

Those places sound no more welcoming than the moon. Without the captain, Tintin's homeless, lost.

If he dies on the mountain, will the captain know? Will he wish he'd come along, or will he just forget?

Tintin hugs his arms across his chest, cold hands thrust into the sleeves of his favorite sweater, the blue one, the one the captain gave him. It hardly warms him at all.

End note: Tintin doesn't actually start wearing the famous blue sweater until the end of Le secret de la Licorne (The Secret of the Unicorn). Since it goes with Haddock's blue sweater so nicely, I decided it was a gift.

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The thing I love about Tintin in Tibet (beyond, oh, everything) is how much room there is for things left unsaid in the books, things that must have nevertheless happened. This moment in between is fantastic; it's a painful reminder of how Tintin has probably gotten used to the Captain's company, the warmth of his spirit, and having a home in Moulinsart. To be without them is weird, even for a page.

The ending caused no small amount of girly noises from me. I have no shame in admitting it. That's a great idea, and that last line, it's... ow.

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