Nov. 28th, 2012

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A while back I made posts where you could give me your address so I could send you a Christmas/holiday card (said posts are here on DreamWidth and here on LiveJournal). Hardly anyone left their address! I feel unloved. *sadface*

So this is a reminder. I would love to send you a non-religious cute card (it has bears on it!) designed by an independent artist. (I'm afraid it is rather wintry, southern hemisphere folks.) If you'd like one, please leave me a name and mailing address at one of the posts linked to above, where comments are screened. Don't be shy! And if you gave me your address last year or whenever, please don't assume I still have it and know you'd like a card again. Not being that well organized, I probably don't.

Cards are cheap to mail, so I'll gladly send one even if we live far, far apart.
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For your holiday delectation, I offer you The Crash Test Dummies' hilariously sinister version of Jingle Bells. WARNING: You might not want to watch the images that the OP has appended to the song. A couple are NSFW, and one of those is misogynistic and creepy.


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