May. 30th, 2014

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I've been reading a ton of Stargate: Atlantis (McShep) and Captain American fic lately. I've had an intense craving for m/m but without the complications of reading fic in fandoms I know well and/or care about. Trouble is, satisfying that craving has given me massive cravings for certain foods, because apparently SGA in particular is a very food-centric fandom. Among the things I badly want are:

Coffee (both fandoms)
Meatloaf and mashed potatoes (SGA)
Pizza (both)
Hot dogs (Captain America; consider all puns as read but discarded in favor of literal hot dogs)

And thinking about hot dogs has given me the worst urge to go to an A&W. Any other US-ians have fond memories of the place? When I was little, going to A&W was a rare and quite special treat; the town where we did our shopping had a drive-in and we went maybe once a year? I never liked eating in the car, but I did like the root beer, onion rings, and coney dogs. *chews on knuckles, which taste like none of the above* I haven't eaten at an A&W in probably over thirty years, but the internet tells me there's one about forty-five miles away. My very tight budget currently precludes a trip (and in fact precludes all of my cravings until payday, much too distant), but damn I want to go. Though probably the only result would be ruining a rosy childhood memory with a grim reality.

The weather here has finally turned summery after a chilly spring (less than two weeks ago it was snowing; yesterday the high temp was 86 F or 30 C), so I've switched over to warm-weather mode. I probably won't bake bread again for ages unless we get a cold snap; I did cook some congee the other day but only because my stomach wasn't feeling happy. I'm more in the mood for vegetable-y dishes, so yesterday I made a vaguely tabbouleh thing.

Tabboul-ish )

In other cooking news, the remainder of the boiled orange cake (a lot of it is in my freezer), which has been in a covered pan on my counter for over a week now as I nibble at it, is still moist. It's almost frightening.


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