Mar. 6th, 2015

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1) Payday, which means I have bought another week's internet access. Please do link me to anything interesting I missed!

2) Recent reading:

Molly Lefebure, Murder on the Home Front. This is a republication of Lefebure's 1955 memoir Evidence for the Crown, and deals with her work from 1941-1945 as secretary to forensic pathologist Dr. Keith Simpson. It's an interesting look at British life (and death) during the war years, though I was torn between enjoying Lefebure's lack of pious platitudes and finding her sometimes quite callous. And be warned that her opinions can be unpleasantly reactionary even for the 1950s. In particular she shows a jaw-dropping lack of compassion for a murdered fifteen-year-old girl; the girl was sexually active, so in Lefebure's view the man who strangled her to death wasn't terribly blameworthy. Most of the book is free from this sort of thing, but there were times when I disliked Lefebure intensely.

M. J. McGrath, The Bone Seeker. A mystery novel set among the Inuit of the Canadian high arctic. The mystery is nothing special (I knew who did it less than halfway through, and I usually can't figure out mysteries), but the setting and cultural stuff are more compelling. McGrath does seem a little inclined to overemphasize the things non-Inuit are likely to find most alien about Inuit culture, though. There's a lot of eating of raw meat and animal heads in the book, for example; this makes me suspicious in particular because McGrath is not herself Inuit, but white British.

Neil Clarke, ed., Upgraded. An anthology, by the editor of the Clarkesworld sff website, of stories about cyborgs. It's a mixed bag, as all anthologies are, and I haven't finished it yet, but there are some good stories that aren't the usual run of cyberpunk.

3) Cooking: foodstuffs under the cut )

4) All my recent attempts at writing have ended with a whimper, so how about a writing-related meme? 40 questions, grabbed from [personal profile] lilliburlero under the cut )


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