Feb. 26th, 2017

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Something I've cooked recently: Yesterday I cooked a fava bean and potato puree from a recipe in Lynn Rosetto Kasper's The Italian Country Table. Naturally I mucked about with it by adding in some Greek loukanika sausage that I bought on sale a few weeks ago; it turned out to be too strong for me to want to eat it plain, but it seemed just the thing to flavor a pot of beans, and indeed the result was pretty nice. It turns out, though, that cooked dried fava beans taste a lot like split peas. I like split peas well enough, but it was a bit disappointing to pay for favas and get split pea results.

Also yesterday I made a batch of lemon curd, and then baked some eclair shells to put the lemon curd into. I used an actual piping bag to shape the pastry, and the results weren't too bad considering I've never piped anything before in my life, but there's room for improvement in that and also in making sure they're baked enough. Nevertheless, even less-than-perfect lemon curd eclairs are yummy.

Something I'm going to cook in the near future: Today I'm using up the egg whites left over from the lemon curd by baking mini-pavlova shells. While googling around for recipes I discovered a nifty-sounding trick: using toasted sugar to make the meringue more complex and less sweet. So I currently have two pounds of sugar toasting in my oven. I'll let you know how it works.

I'm also going to roast the quail that have been hanging around in my freezer for a while (the ones I bought thinking they were boneless, but they weren't). I'll make a sherry-mushroom sauce for them and some roasted potatoes.

Something I'm vaguely thinking about cooking eventually: Many many things, as always. There are still a million savory pies I want to bake before the weather gets too warm. And I have a jar of fermented bean curd in my cupboard that I've been nerving myself up to use. (Er, not in a pie. I have trouble committing myself to cooking just one cuisine, even for only a week or so, so my pantry always overflows with ingredients. I'll probably use the bean curd in stir-fried pork and greens.)
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I just finished watching it yesterday, and there were some things I really liked, some things I thought were just strange, and one thing that irritated me enormously. Guess what I'm going to talk about?

not spoilery for plot but somewhat for character development )


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