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What the hell was that? I mean, I literally don't understand half what was going on in this episode. Will treks up to Lecter Manor in Lithuania, where he finds a random Japanese woman guarding the random man who supposedly ate Hannibal's sister, except that it was actually Hannibal who ate her for reasons unspecified? And meanwhile Hannibal is washing Bedelia's hair and casually murdering a guest at his own table. Also there were snails, and fireflies, and dead birds, and whole thing was filmed in the fucking dark.

This is the first episode of the show I really haven't liked. I'm bored with all this sudden extraneous backstory (the Italian police officer, the Japanese woman), which feels like it was taken whole from the books--I assume--and dumped into the show without any concern to integrate it. And what I do like, which is the Hannibal/Will relationship, is static while people tell them/us that they love each other, which we already know.

The only bit I did like was Will and Hannibal's "conversation" in the armchairs in the woods. It did interesting things with the blurred boundaries--the POV is ambiguous, and I like the idea that Hannibal and Will are so in each other's heads now that, as Hannibal predicted, they can meet in memory/dreams and have something like genuine conversations.

I hope this was just an aberration and the show returns to its usual excellence in the next episode.


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