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At some point in S2, I mused that if Will really wanted to catch Hannibal, he should just promise to visit him in prison every day if he surrendered. The end of 3x07 proves I wasn't wrong, since Hannibal would rather give up his furiously-protected freedom than (a) give up all possibility of seeing Will again, and/or (b) allow Will to forget about him. (I don't remember how Hannibal was caught in the books, but I suspect not like that.)

The scene in 3x08, where Will is explaining to Jack Crawford why he has to go see Hannibal, made me laugh. "Obviously I'll have to go see him eventually, so I might as well go now oops gotta run goodbye!" Oh, Will. Are you even fooling yourself? I don't think you're fooling Jack Crawford, and you're certainly not fooling Hannibal.

Furthermore, hiding Hannibal's letter from his wife and then reading it secretly in the middle of the night? Not really the behavior of someone who's over their ex.

Hannibal's letter, meanwhile, is a fine bit of manipulation. "For your own good, don't get involved with this case. Oh, and here's a clipping about the murdered family."

I was surprised to find that Will has a wife (though I believe he did in the Red Dragon book), and rather more surprised at how much I liked her. Molly seems down to earth, practical, supportive in a low-key way, and exactly the right sort of person to anchor Will to a normal life. Of course at this point, no one in the audience wants Will to have a normal life, and even Will, I think, only halfway does. A comfortable, friendly relationship vs. a grand passion is not much of a contest even for someone without Will's lawless streak.

I find I'm glad to have a plotline again. While I could watch quite a bit of Hannibal and Will pining for each other, the random extraneous characters and backstory in early S3 were tedious (not least because they kept interrupting the scenes of pining). I feel like we're getting back to the core of the story now: pining and murder.

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Yes, back to pining and murder!

ETA: I always thought if Will and Molly had met before Season 1, they would have had a great and long-lasting relationship. But Will is different now, and can't go back to how he was.
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Things definitely pick up once the show is back to a case-solving type format.

Molly is fantastic. I have lots of love for Molly.


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