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With this show, I keep finding that all my far-out queer interpretations of moments and motives, the ones that on any other show would be ignored/denied . . . they (almost) all become text.

The minute Hannibal sees Will he's all "You just came here to see me again, and smell me," and "you made yourself a little family to protect you from yourself," and "you're my family," and, most jaw-droppingly of all, "I gave you a child." Some of it's manipulation, of course, but I also think Hannibal is seething with jealousy.

Then in the next episode Bedelia describes Will as Hannibal's "bride" and Hannibal as Will's "old flame" and asks if his wife knows exactly how intimate he and Hannibal were. (And Will's answer, "She knows enough," says worlds about how his marriage works, and how it doesn't.) Of course Bedelia, like Hannibal, is trying to manipulate Will, but that doesn't mean what she's saying isn't true.

I also liked her wry comment, when asked if she ever considered killing Hannibal, that their relationship wasn't as passionate as Hannibal and Will's.

A big part of the reason why Hannibal has hooked me so hard is that with mainstream media, I'm used to, at best, queer subtext that's never fulfilled but not explicitly denied. At worst, it's all queerbaiting and No Homo. Hannibal, shockingly, doesn't do that. It acknowledges, right out in the open.

There's more I could wish for, like some physical expression between Will and Hannibal, and some offscreen confirmation by the showrunners instead of a lot of mealy-mouthed nonsense about "heterosexual male friendship" and "platonic love." (Dear Bryan Fuller, have you ever seen a heterosexual male friendship? It doesn't look like this.)

But even what the show does give is just so . . . satisfying. And it's nice to be right for once, to be able to point to moments in canon that nobody* will laugh away as wishful thinking.

*Well, I'm sure there are people who do. What that says about them, I leave as an exercise for the reader.

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Have you read any of Brian Fuller's post-finale interviews? He has stopped denying anything. Along similar lines, his Twitter is great.

And yes, the second half of the third season is super queer. Particularly the way they shoot Richard Armitage.


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