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As always, brief episode summary under the cut, comments on LJ only, and there may be spoilers for the entire show.

A note on sources: My episode re-watching is taking place via files of the aired episodes, rather than the DVD versions (which are often "producers' cuts" and somewhat longer). This is because (a) it's more convenient for me to take notes on my computer, (b) my antique computer does not have enough memory to play DVDs, and (c) I discovered, when one of my S3 DVDs turned out to be unplayable and I had to watch files instead, that S2 and S3 of Hannibal were not actually filmed in pitch blackness. No, it's just that my antique TV turns all darker shots into muddy muck; I did a direct comparison by viewing the end of S3 both ways, and on my TV I can hardly see what's happening. So I'm erring on the side of being able to see, but it's frustrating to know I'm losing bits of content that way. I've seen the DVD versions, but I can't always remember what's missing in the aired ones. *sigh*

Will pursues a killer who turns his victims into "angels," and is so traumatized by what he sees that he tries to leave fieldwork despite Jack's browbeating. Meanwhile, his hallucinations are getting worse and he's started sleepwalking.

Bella Crawford starts having therapy with Hannibal; she has terminal lung cancer and has been hiding it from Jack, but Jack figures it out anyway.


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