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I started watching Colditz because of a post on LJ friendsfriends pointing out that, when you have hundreds of men locked in prison together for years, there's bound to be some sex going on.

So far I don't find the show itself all that slashy, although it's enjoyable in many other ways. But the observation's a good one, and led to this drabble-y thing.

Title: Arts of Escapology
Fandom: Colditz
Characters: Pat Grant and ensemble; various implied pairings
Rating: All ages
Warnings: None needed
Word count: 250
Summary: Pat notices what others don't.
Notes: I'm not quite to the end of S1 of Colditz, so conceivably details in here may be contradicted by later canon (although this is set at some vague point in S1). Please don't spoil me for later stuff!

Pat notices details that other men miss. He holds them in his memory, compares them, reckons them up, draws conclusions. It's what made him a good engineer.

Here in Colditz he applies his talent to plans, maps, hiding places, and the forged papers he checks for flaws. And sometimes it applies itself when he doesn't mean to use it.

Tim and Peter, Pat sees, have drawn as tightly together as two halves of a walnut. They pool their cigarette rations and sometimes wear each other's mufflers or gloves. They read each other's letters and talk about their families. When they touch accidentally, at meals or in corridors, they don't apologize.

George and Dick hardly talk together at all, but after dinner a couple of times a week they both disappear for half an hour. George is less nervy afterwards, and later he sleeps instead of wandering.

Phil watches Dick sometimes when he's changing or bathing. So do others, more discreetly. There's even a German corporal who smiles at him.

Pat keeps an eye out for problems, for jealousies.

He's an old-fashioned chap really, not bohemian, but he's here in Colditz too and he knows loneliness. What he's noticed and surmised is not his business to obstruct, so long as there's no trouble. Once he covered for Dick when Colonel Preston picked a bad moment for a meeting.

Pat is, after all, the Escape Officer; he takes his remit broadly. Whatever kind of escape is needed, he's not unwilling to help.


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