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So the good news is that you can pretty much go from "Colditz" to "Klein's Story" and skip the one with the racism, and proooooobably not miss too much. Well, I mean, you'd certainly miss a lot of racism, but the character beats would mostly survive.

The other good news is that it's a pretty entertaining storyline, for me anyway. I have an ambivalent relationship with Seven, and am basically happy to watch him outsmarting himself into all kinds of trouble. In this case, he got himself shot so that he could regenerate into Paul McGann, spend ten years infiltrating the Nazis and change history so that he wouldn't get shot (Nenya: "That sounds like something that would happen to Eight." Me: "Eight doesn't happen to things; things happen to Eight!"). And the net result is ending up with a companion who is an actual time-travelling Nazi bent on installing the Fourth Reich, and who, when she finds out about regeneration, has a rather personal grudge. And it goes exactly as well as ANYONE IN THE UNIVERSE would expect. Anyone except Seven, that is, because he thinks he can handle anything, any times, anywhere. And it's really, really satisfying when his own set ups bite him in the ass (It's also kind of nice that none of this is happening with Ace around, because I'm always really worried about Seven accidentally/on purpose catching her in the crossfire of one of his schemes, and, as much as I love their relationship, find it much more relaxing for her to be elsewhere when he's going at someone full on like this).

In terms of actual plots, "Klein's Story" was just filling out a couple exposition lines from "Colditz," but it was nice to hear Paul McGann (though Eight is, again, described as "tall." One can only assume that not regenerating in the middle of open heart surgery added an inch or six), and it did set up some later stuff, such as why Klein is so set on getting her timeline back. "Survival of the Fittest" was more or less "Devil in the Dark" with bees, so that was HIGHLY entertaining, and had some very charming bees and sniping between Seven and Klein, and an extremely satisfying ending, as mentioned above.

I wasn't quite as hot on "The Architects of Time" which was trying to wrap up the arc, and had two experienced time travellers going head to head for the fate of the timeline, but with sharks (okay, seriously, people who say Jupiter Ascending is silly have never listened to/watched/heard of Doctor Who). And, like, I got the sharks, and I got the battling timelines, and I even got the ending, but they'd spent so much time setting up Seven and Klein as worth adversaries, I was expecting the fight to be more impressive than it was. Like I spent about half an hour laughing at the end of the last episode, and I think I was expecting something with more flash, but, despite the sharks, this was mostly rather sad. I think part of it was that this story took place after they'd been going at it for a couple of years, the web of time was in tatters, and both Klein and Seven were pretty tired of the whole subject. All Klein wanted to do was go home, and I think the same with the Doctor by then, plus the poor companion of the week (gamely played by Lenora Crichlow), who just wanted to get back to the Doctor, who as per usual for Seven really wasn't invested in her plans. I spent most of the episode thinking there was a pretty massive plothole, but that turned out to be a twist, and I was reasonably satisfied with the ending. The writers mentioned that it was about the only way out of that storyline, and I have to agree. There was also perhaps a bit too much handwavium with the time travel, especially after its precise use in other episodes, but eh time wars are like that.

It will certainly be interesting to meet Klein again in UNIT: Dominion, and I'm glad I took the time to go back and get the set up for her. (Though now I realise there's another Audios Only companion I haven't met also in there, but I think I won't bother backtracking for her).

Meanwhile in Doctor Who fandom, I was trying to remember what the wank surrounding Paul Cornell and The Shadow of Avalon was (remembering that someone had linked to it, and Nenya having just got that far in the EDAs) and eventually tracked down this blog. About an hour of my time went into clicking through links there, and wow, is that a different way of interacting with Doctor Who. I'm actually really, really happy to have gotten into the fandom with the new show, not because I always like the new show (though the first series will live forever and unblemished in my heart), but because the Wilderness Years sound like an unending wankfest. Not only that, but that you kind of had to engage with it, because everyone was, so everything the novels or the audios did was in some way political in relation to What Doctor Who meant, and couldn't really be enjoyed just for themselves.

Or maybe you could, but the impression of Phillip Sandifer's blog is that the wank was all consuming. Whereas now, the show's kind of sandblasted that out of existence (or rather, if you're going to argue, it'll be with the show, not with the novels or audios, so the side media are mostly plodding along doing their own thing and don't have to stand for anything). Plus, not knowing the politics, I can go enjoy the old stuff without worrying about any of this nonsense.

Thing! On internet!

Mar. 4th, 2015 07:19 pm
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So I have a longer post planned about, y'know, stuff. Things. But first!

Look at MediaJunkie Films' trailer for their new thing!

MediaJunkie, you'll remember, is the studio behind the AMAZING (My) Immortal: The Webseries. They're doing a new thing set in a dorm with soap opera hijinks and it looks fantastic. I AM SO THERE.

They're gonna have a kickstarter, better believe I will post about it.

Agents of SHIELD 2x11 - Aftershocks

Mar. 4th, 2015 09:55 pm
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I am feeling a lot better about this show than I was before the break.

spoilers )
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Posted by Girl Genius Comics

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Monday's page is now in color if you want to go back and have a look...but now we're behind one. How will this end? Aieee!--Kaja

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Cats are terrible, terrible creatures, and I got like four hours of sleep last night in half-hour increments, and haven't accomplished anything in days. Also, I wiped out on an icy sidewalk in award-winning fashion on Sunday afternoon.

and then today happened )

If the Penguins don't beat the Avs tonight, I'm quitting life. Also, why is no one reading my subconscious mind and writing hockey fic for me?

Finished reading nothing. Basically nothing in process, scared to start Jackdaw in case it is also terrible.

I read another chapter or two of The Suffragette Scandal last night. Don't like the dude, don't particularly like the lady. Wish they would just go their separate ways, but I suppose there'd be no novel then, and it would be unfair to their new love interests, who might otherwise have been happy.

*not really, but my neck does really hurt if I try to look up

comics short thoughts

Mar. 4th, 2015 05:50 pm
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Ms Marvel through #12 - I feel like I missed an issue in there? #10 maybe? This is as cute as ever, although the Loki issue was the definition of filler.

The Wicked + the Divine through #8 - I feel like I missed an issue here, too. Also, am I supposed to be doing outside research? Because I am getting more and more lost among the pantheon. I have no idea what happened in this issues, basically, and I'm not sure how much longer McKelvie's pencils and Wilson's colors are going to tide me over.

Black Widow through #14 - this is fine? This is fine. We're gearing up to a confrontation with Chaos, finally, thank goodness.

Ody-C through #2 - I have broken up with this comic. Yes, at issue 2. I was so excited for "genderswapped Odyssey" and Fraction killed that enthusiasm dead in one. fell. swoop.

Saga through #25 - EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE. /o\ Except the dragon hunt; that's going pretty okay so far. (I'm side-eyeing that "swelled head" comment something fierce, though.)


Mar. 4th, 2015 08:49 pm
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bbb: ~700 words
Geno/Ekblad part 3: ~400 words

The bbb is SUCH GARBAGE OH DEAR. /o/ gotta keep trucking.

Things to go in Geno/Ekblad parts 4, 5, whatever: Jagr, the Panthers having frantic goalie roulette (they had to sign their goalie COACH to a one-day contract and suit him up. bless).

Now I get a candy bar for doing writing. Good job, me.

Is Kink Bingo for sure coming back this year? I'm just in the mood for that.

High probability of snow-mandated telework tomorrow. I'd actually rather go to the office, honestly. Though if I'm home all day, the pets won't destroy things, at least.

a cautionary tale

Mar. 4th, 2015 08:13 pm
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I'm currently in the first part of a two-part holiday; I'm visiting friends in the DC area, and tomorrow -- weather permitting, fingers crossed -- I leave for Escapade. But I almost didn't get to! If you're ever bumped from a flight, learn from my example... )

Tl;dr : if you're bumped from a flight, make sure any later flights on the same booking aren't affected!

[poem] Directions for care

Mar. 5th, 2015 12:43 am
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It's all too easy to dismiss, diminish
your sharp-edged individual brilliance
as untidiness, as more work than
you're worth. Try this:
Needs direct sun with good support,
for preference, south-facing walls;
and well-drained soil and fleece in frosts
and water when the weather's hot.
Slow to flower, rarely fruits;
give the thing at least five years.
Mind the thorns, the strangling vines;
mind the poison the sap bears.
Grant me leave instead to make this promise:
yes, you're brash and loud and take up space;
perhaps you're snide, opinionated, lacking grace;
but darling, what you don't quite seem to grasp
is that your weaponry can be defence
and ornament at once; can, in point of fact,
be precisely why it is that you're beloved.
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Title: Two-Way Forward
Author: torigates
Reader/cover art: [personal profile] intransitive ([ profile] exmanhater)
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Rating: Explicit
Pairing: Jonathan Toews/Patrick Kane (cisgirl!Patrick)
Length: 42:15
Summary: "I think I’m on my phone enough as it is, you know, always texting and emailing, and people complain that I get back to them three, four days later, I’m not fast enough for that. I’m bad enough as it is, and I feel like I’m always on my phone."

Or; Five Times Pat emailed Jonny and one time he emailed her back.
Notes: Created for round 6 of [community profile] pt_lightning.

Permanent download links: (right-click, save-as) mp3 [39 MB] | m4b [21 MB]

Or, stream at AO3

[circle] Lunacy + Bards of Ireland

Mar. 4th, 2015 07:20 pm
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Hark, a wild update appears! I'll be slow to update the taken list, but just keep going.

COST: Bards of Ireland: $4.25 per decant, half bottles $12, full bottles $24; Lunacy: $4 per decant, half bottles $11.50, full bottles $23.
SHIPPING: $3 US shipping. Since it's such a small circle, we'll go with the old $7.16 non-US shipping, unless you're getting add-ons, in which case it will be $10. Inquire about upgrades for priority shipping.
MINIMUM TO ORDER A BOTTLE: 2 signups for the bottle
NEW BOTTLE POINT: at 2 people on waitlist
ORDER WILL BE PLACED: evening of Fri 6 Mar
ADD-ONS: Yes; $1 add-on fee plus possible shipping adjustments.

SHIPPING NOTES FOR REGULARS: If you've already paid shipping for 13/Lunar New Year and want me to hold those (which will be arriving in a day or two) for these (which will probably not arrive for another month), I can do that; just specify. I will not combine shipping unless you explicitly tell me to, though, since it'll probably be a month or so before these get here. I am expecting another 13 next week; I'll combine that one with these by default.

Here's an easy template to copy/paste, if you want:

Signups )

I believe I now have a contender

Mar. 4th, 2015 07:23 pm
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For most despairing passage ever found in an Andre Norton novel.

[Flight Rising] dragon roundup!

Mar. 4th, 2015 06:01 pm
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The lizard looked at all my unused apparel and insisted on giving my dragons a makeover. =) many images )


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