Jul. 7th, 2017

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22. A song that moves you forward

I'm not entirely sure what this prompt means, so I'm interpreting it as "a song that gives you energy."

Frightened Rabbit, "Old Old Fashioned"

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I haven't done a poll in ages, so here's one based on my recent experience of bailing out on hosting a Buffy rewatch and potluck evening. Partly I bailed for good reasons (e.g. heat and lack of air conditioning), but partly because the thought of having people--people I like!--in my living space was making me miserable with dread and anxiety.

I think if my apartment was divisible into private and public spaces, I might feel somewhat differently. But I live in a studio. People would see my sleeping area and they'd have to go through it to get to the bathroom. Hmmm. I also might feel differently if my job didn't involve dealing with people all the damn time, so that my home is very much an introvert's refuge.

Anyway, I'm curious about other people's views.

This poll is anonymous.
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How do you feel about having guests (short-term, not overnight) in your house/apartment?

I love it!
2 (8.0%)

I enjoy it.
8 (32.0%)

It's okay.
4 (16.0%)

I don't really like it.
7 (28.0%)

Arrrrgh, no, this is my space, go away!
4 (16.0%)


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