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These are the last two drabbles for the "request a drabble" thing I did the other day.

For [personal profile] vilakins, who asked for Discworld, Vimes and Vetinari talking about crime: "Perspective." [personal profile] vilakins, this isn't exactly what you asked for, but it's close-ish.


The problem with Vetinari, Vimes thinks, is altitude. He spends his time five storeys above the streets, where details blur and his boots stay clean.

Vimes's boots walk through all the filth of Ankh-Morpork. Well, not all of it--all of it would sink the Palace--but enough that he doesn't forget the messiness of crime. Assassins leave bloodstains that need mopping; Thieves leave empty pockets with the rent still to pay.

Take the long view, Vetinari says. He would, wouldn't he?

The long view's prettier. Maybe clearer, in a way. But it's for gods; people live at ground level.

For [ profile] biichan, who asked for Doctor Who, Second Doctor and Jamie, picnic:

Minor Nuisances

Jamie sets the hamper down on a rock. "Doctor, only you would time travel a million years just to have a picnic."

"140 million, actually. The early Cretaceous. You see, ants haven't evolved yet."

"Dunno what they'd live on anyway. It's all a bit . . . "

"Yes, well, unfortunately grass hasn't evolved yet either. Or flowers."

"Och, never mind, the trees are nice."

"Those aren't actually trees, Jamie, they're - "

"Doctor! Look!" Jamie points at a long reptilian neck emerging from the not-very-distant foliage.

"Don't worry. Sauropods are vegetarians."

"Next time, I'll take the ants," Jamie mutters.

Possibly interesting note: "Minor Nuisances" required the most research I've ever done for a drabble.


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