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No one on my reading list seems to be talking about The World's End, the last of Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright's not-exactly-a-trilogy whose previous two installments were Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. I saw it tonight and thought it was really good.

The premise is that Gary King (Simon Pegg) gets together four of his old friends to return to their home town for a pub crawl that they didn't manage to finish back in 1990. Everyone except Gary has settled into solid, careerist, in most cases married middle age; Gary, meanwhile, just wants to drink and take drugs, and actually hasn't seen his friends in years because he's alienated them so much. But they agree to the plan, and amidst tensions and recriminations, Plot Happens.

Nick and Simon are always a joy, although this movie isn't as, well, shippy as Hot Fuzz; Martin Freeman is also great in a role that I suspect was written for him because it is the essence of Martin Freeman-ness. The plot is brisk and interesting, the visuals have that Edgar Wright style, and I loved seeing the little references to the earlier films. There's a serious side too, about young dreams and middle aged realities, that I found powerful although it may work less well for those who aren't middle aged yet.

Downsides: Nowhere near a Bechdel pass, although the one female character in the movie is pretty cool. And a few of the jokes were kind of homophobic, which really surprised me coming from Simon Pegg.
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I saw Nick Frost and Simon Pegg's new movie Paul yesterday. It was a lot better than the (unfunny) trailer led me to expect, and I recommend it.

I also enjoyed the Red Nose Day mini-episode of Doctor Who. So, does this episode mean spoilers )

Finally, I'm reading Tim Powers' novel Declare, which is about, basically, supernatural espionage during and after the Second World War. It's very much my kind of thing, although the book's getting somewhat bogged down in details at this point (about halfway through). It could have used a Britpick, too (hint: Oxford doesn't have semesters). Still, I'm enjoying it, which is more than I can say for all too many books I try to read these days.
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Here are my responses to the "what are your favorite pairings in X fandom" meme.

[personal profile] lilacsigil asked about Doctor Who, any era )

[personal profile] lemposoi asked about Doug Anthony All Stars RPF )

[ profile] maggie33 asked about Spaced )

[ profile] flo_nelja asked about X-Men )

[ profile] vandonovan asked about Doctor Who )

[ profile] halotolerant asked about Top Gear )

[ profile] be_goddess_like asked about Sherlock Holmes and Renault's Alexander novels )
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The teaser trailer for Nick Frost and Simon Pegg's new film Paul is finally out:

Oh, I hope this film doesn't suck. I'm sure Nick and Simon will be awesome, but Paul-the-alien managed to annoy the hell out of me after five seconds onscreen. Basically I'm worried that the film will be too American; I find most American comedy painfully unfunny.

uh oh

Oct. 17th, 2010 03:46 pm
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One of the good things about becoming interested in an RPF fandom or two is that there's the potential for endless canon. It helps offset my tendency to devour the entirety of a fandom (canon and fanfic) in about two weeks and then get bored.

One of the bad things is that you find yourself thinking, "Huh, maybe I should get a Twitter account after all."


I promise I will never use it for evil (e.g., posting about what I had for lunch). I'll probably never post anything at all. But for a long time I've vaguely wanted to follow Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, and yesterday I learned that Richard Fidler (formerly of DAAS) has a Twitter; that was the tipping point.

Unfortunately, there'll probably be ice skating in hell (on the road paved with frozen lawyers, natch1) before Paul McDermott gets a Twitter. But I can hope.

1Good Omens. If you haven't read it, you're missing out.
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The Good: I finally got to do a bit of touristy "seeing Santa Fe" stuff, after several days of feeling cruddy. That was partly general crud/exhaustion, I think, and partly adjustment to the altitude (Santa Fe is at 7260 feet, or 2134 meters, and oxygen is fairly significantly diminished at that height). Anyway, today I went into downtown, the older part of the city, which has a lot of galleries and arty/touristy shops (including one nice independent bookstore where I nobly resisted temptation). Quite unexpectedly I found there was an arts-and-crafts fair going on, so I wandered around a bit. A lot of it was the usual stuff (pottery, silver and semiprecious-stone jewelry), as well as a rather problematic contingent of (apparently) white artists copying Native American artistic traditions, but there was also quite a lot to like.

I became rather enamored of some paintings and prints by Kevin Eslinger, especially his darkly funny portrait of Bert and Ernie. It's a wonderfully fannish thing and I thought some of you might get a kick out of it (not to mention the fabulous octopus adorning his homepage).

The Pretty Good: I've seen Inception. I liked it, although not as much as many others seem to have. (I don't have any problems with it--it was a fun and reasonably clever movie--but I don't quite understand why so many others are so wildly enthusiastic. But at least now I don't have to avoid posts about it.)

The Bad: I've chosen to leave the Hot Fuzz fan community [ profile] sandfordpolice after the mod instituted an English-only policy in order to preempt possible Russian spammers. I'm all for banning spammers, but English-only has an ugly resonance, especially for someone living in the United States, where there is an active English-only movement inspired primarily by anti-immigrant sentiment. The mod is from the US too and is surely aware of this. I complained about the new policy, and so did several others, but the mod hasn't said anything about changing it, so I left. I hate the thought of missing out on new Hot Fuzz fics, but I can't support an English-only rule, even passively.
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More responses to this meme. I got a bit verbose, but I guess that's sort of the point.

I've done my best to avoid major spoilers for recent or hard-to-find canon (sometimes by making them highlight-to-read), but minor spoilers abound and there may be spoilers in comments.

[ profile] stunt_muppet asked about Antonio/Sebastian )

[ profile] weird_cowgirl asked about Nicholas/Danny )

[ profile] wolkendunst asked about Hornblower/Bush )

[ profile] wolkendunst also asked about Vetinari/Drumknott )

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Apparently the US network Fox tried, at some point, to produce a remake of the brilliant British comedy Spaced.

Mercifully, the attempt died, but a couple of clips from it have emerged and can be seen here at the AV Club.

Watching the clips is a bizarre experience, because I recognize many ingredients from Spaced, including some lines directly stolen, and yet the result is bad. Painfully unfunny. It's a fascinating little glimpse into how much has to be right for a TV show to be good.


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