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By request from [personal profile] halotolerant, who's starting to get in to Classic Who, I've written up an overview of the Eighth Doctor Adventures novels (EDAs). There are also Big Finish audios called the Eighth Doctor Adventures, but I've only listened to a couple of them. The EDA novels are just about the limit of my extended-canon knowledge, in fact. I don't know most of the audios, any of the comics, any of the New Adventures, the old-school tie-in novels from back in the day, or the New Who novels etc. Doctor Who: there's always more canon! As for how it all ties together, I recommend a multiverse theory (which is semi-canonical anyway), because otherwise your brain will explode.

I've given my opinions below about which books are most worth reading; your mileage may vary and civil disagreement is always welcome.

The first thing to know about the EDA novels )
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[personal profile] sineala asked about my favorite Classic Who stories and why I love them. I've divided it up by Doctors, because there was no way I could pick just one or two stories for all of Classic Who. Or even all I've seen of it, which is the Second, Third, Fifth, and Eighth Doctors, most of the Fourth Doctor episodes, and a few of the First and Sixth.

Second Doctor )

Third Doctor )

Fourth Doctor )

Fifth Doctor )

Eighth Doctor )
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I finished re-reading The Taking of Planet 5 tonight (yes, I am re-reading the EDAs at quite a pace). A few spoilery reactions )
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I've finally given in and started reading The Gallifrey Chronicles, the last Eighth Doctor Adventures novel. I was braced for Fitz being written badly, because the book's by Lance Parkin and he always writes Fitz badly/contemptuously. But I still wasn't quite prepared to see spoilers )
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Apparently the BBC have changed the Eighth Doctor's costume for all future promotional images.

Assuming this is true and wasn't Paul McGann's little joke: NO. JUST NO.

The Eighth Doctor's clothes--his ridiculous, old-fashioned, foppish velvet coat and waistcoat and cravat--are indicative of his character. He wouldn't be the same in a boring, cheap-looking "naval jacket" and a courier bag. NOT EVERY INCARNATION OF THE DOCTOR NEEDS TO BE HIP AND MODERN, BBC.

Yes, I am having nerd!rage about this.
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Will "Zagreus" make sense if I listen to it without having heard previous Eighth Doctor audios? (I'm planning my listening for the upcoming long drive.)

And if I should listen to other Eighth Doctor audios first, which ones? "All of them" is not an option.
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Here are my responses to the meme I posted yesterday. (You can still ask about other pairings if you like; the original post is here.)

I've avoided major spoilers for recent or difficult-to-obtain canon (or in a couple of cases made them highlight-to-read) but there are minor spoilers galore.

[ profile] biichan asked about Second Doctor/Jamie )

[ profile] st_aurafina asked about Xavier/Magneto )

[ profile] hafren asked about Hornblower/Pellew )

[ profile] flo_nelja asked about Tenth Doctor/Simm!Master )

[ profile] vilakins asked about Henderson/York )

[ profile] thevera asked about Giles/Ethan )

[ profile] entropy_house asked about Avon/Blake )

[ profile] lullabee_lj asked about Eighth Doctor/Fitz Kreiner )

[ profile] lullabee_lj also asked about Harry/Snape )

[ profile] queenbookwench asked about Fraser/Kowalski )
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I just finished re-reading Mark Michalowski's EDA Halflife. The first time I read it I was fairly new to the EDAs, and I probably should have waited, because it relies on knowing the characters a lot better than I did then. spoilers )


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