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2020-12-31 01:53 pm
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[sticky entry] Sticky: Master List of My Fanfiction

This list includes all of my posted fanfiction, apart from unfinished things and a few short pieces that I never even gave titles to. Most of these links go to An Archive of Our Own; a few go to DreamWidth posts and a few to LiveJournal.

Within each category, stories are listed in reverse chronological order with the most recent at the top. I've included only the title and main characters here; see the header of each story for rating, any warnings, etc. Generally speaking, the first character listed is the POV character.

Please let me know if there are any problems with the links.

2013 Addendum: This post is no longer being updated. All of my newer stories and most of my old ones can be found at An Archive of Our Own, which has handy search features. They're also still being posted here on DW and you can find them using my tags.

Blake's 7 )

Buffy the Vampire Slayer )

Colditz )

Discworld )

Doctor Who )

due South )

Harry Potter )

Simon Pegg and/or Nick Frost fandoms )

Tintin )

Top Gear RPF )

Torchwood )

X-Men Universe )

Other Fandoms )
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2020-12-31 09:08 pm
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content permissions and non-permissions policy

As the "reblogging" culture of Tumblr becomes more pervasive, I thought I'd better make it clear what I'm okay with you doing with my public posts DreamWidth posts. Everything listed here is in addition to commenting on my journal, which is always welcome. (Also, anything I post on Tumblr can be reblogged, because that's how Tumblr works.)

All of these permissions extend only to noncommercial use of my content. You may not use any of my content for commercial purposes.

My Fanfiction

YOU MAY: Write remixes, sequels, prequels, responses, or whatever. Make art or illustrations. Review, recommend, discuss, and link to fics. Translate a story or record a podcast of it so long as you let me know and give me appropriate credit as the author. Print or save copies (please make sure my name is attached as author).

YOU MAY NOT: Add my story to any archive without my permission. Repost any story in its entirely on your own journal, blog, or Tumblr even if you credit me.

My Nonfiction Public Posts

YOU MAY: Link, discuss, write response or follow-up posts on your own journal, blog, or Tumblr. Quote portions of my post(s) as needed.

YOU MAY NOT: Repost any post in its entirety on your own journal, blog, or Tumblr even if you credit me.

If you have any questions, just drop me a line here or PM me.
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2017-10-22 12:18 pm
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recipe weekend

1) Something I've cooked recently

Yesterday, inspired by a pie that somebody (I can't remember who, Wikipedia isn't helping, and I'm too lazy to go back and rewatch) made on this year's Great British Bake Off, I made a butternut squash and blue cheese pie that turned out fairly well. The flavor is great, but I had some Onion Issues. details under the cut )

Today, inspired by a craving for soup, a craving for veggies, and a feeling that I should really use my bag of bonito flakes that is three months past its sell-by date, I'm cooking a soup of vegetables and eggs simmered in dashi. Right now I'm simmering the eggs in some dashi flavored with Japanese light (light-colored) soy sauce and some sherry (I didn't have mirin or sake). When the eggs are ready, I'm going to simmer yellow squash, some butternut squash chunks I didn't roast yesterday, a sweet potato, maybe some regular potato, and some Chinese cabbage in plain dashi and then add the simmered eggs--I'll keep their simmering liquid to eat with noodles another time--and some miso paste at the end. No tofu, alas, because I forgot to buy any, but basically this is a cross between a Korean soybean paste stew and a Japanese oden, and to further disrespect both traditions I'm probably going to eat it with soba noodles. I expect it to be deliciously wrong.

The last sweet baking I did was this upside-down pear gingerbread. I mostly followed the recipe, apart from adjusting the spices (more powdered ginger, no cinnamon, and a little nutmeg) and using blackstrap molasses. Blackstrap is the kind that recipes advise you not to use, because it's less sweet and more bitter and mineral-y than normal molasses. But I had some that needed using up, and I actually really liked the result. If, like me, you tend to find cakes too sweet, that's the way to go. The cake freezes quite well, by the way.

2) Something I have concrete plans to cook in the near future:

This fantastic apple cake, probably next weekend.

3) Something I vaguely intend to cook someday:

More apple things, such as apple dumplings, which I have longed to make for years but never have because I did not own an apple corer. But I do now!

I need to figure out some kind of way to use the peach-and-cherry compote that's taking up space in my freezer. And I should make a pie with the jars of sour cherries I bought a while back because they were cheap.

Plus I want to make all the soups and all the savory pies. I'm feeling enthusiastic about late autumn and winter cooking.
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2017-10-21 05:48 pm
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and now, a poll

Following on from my previous post, because now I'm beginning to wonder if what I think is my culture's view of adoption and birth mothers is not actually the case. The poll is as anonymous as I can make it, and anonymous comments are allowed.

This poll is anonymous.
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: Just the Poll Creator, participants: 24

When a woman places her child up for adoption rather than raising the child herself, how is that predominantly viewed in your culture (not necessarily by you)?

Good! This is an excellent thing to do if she felt unable to raise the child herself.
11 (45.8%)

Neutral, neither good nor bad.
5 (20.8%)

Bad. She should have raised the child.
3 (12.5%)

Adoption is extremely rare or nonexistent in my culture.
1 (4.2%)

Other, which I may choose to elaborate on in the comments.
4 (16.7%)

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2017-10-21 04:35 pm
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cultural difference?

I've started watching the Danish TV series Dicte, about a crime reporter who keeps getting entangled in her own stories and ends up helping the police solve crimes. (The police, on the whole, would rather she stopped.) So far it's a pretty mediocre show, but Lars Brygmann (aka Thomas LaCour from Rejseholdet) is in it.

Anyway, in the fourth episode of S1, mild spoilers )
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2017-10-15 12:15 pm


This weekend I've binge-watched Mindhunter, the new Netflix series about the FBI's Behavioral Science Unit in the late 1970s, as it began developing the modern practice of profiling by interviewing incarcerated serial killers (and even invented the term "serial killer").

Some thoughts under the cut )
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2017-10-14 11:05 am
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goodbye and good luck

The kitty has gone to the shelter. It ended up being a bit of a production. Cut for emotional distress, both the cat's and mine )
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2017-10-14 07:17 am
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unexpected cat

I currently have a cat clawing gently at my rug and playing with a vitamin bottle. He showed up outside my window at 6:30 this morning, meowing urgently, and ran inside like a shot when I opened the door. I don't think he's just a curious outdoor cat, because I've tried to let him back out and he won't go, plus he's pretty distressed. And he's not feral, because he's clean and not starving--though I gave him some water and a little tuna and he gobbled up both--and because he clearly likes human attention.

No collar, and he's un-neutered, which doesn't speak well for his people.

But anyway, I'm biding my time until 9 am when the animal shelter opens, and hoping he doesn't have fleas that will get into the carpet. Also hoping that he doesn't spray and won't need to go potty. I've made him a box lined with torn paper but I don't know if he'll accept that as a temporary litterbox.

There's also a cardboard box he's going to have to go into so I can take him to the shelter. I put his plate of tuna inside but so far he won't go in. I might have to grab him with a towel.

And now he's resumed prowling around and meowing at me for help, help, help. Be patient, guy, and I'll take you to where your people can, hopefully, find you.
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2017-10-12 06:08 pm
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bzuh? and also, may I follow you?

When I checked my Facebook this afternoon I was hoping for supportive reactions to having come out as trans, and braced for really ugly ones. The one possibility I hadn't prepared for was . . . no reaction whatsoever. Apart from one person yesterday, no one has commented or reacted to my post at all.

I spent some time puzzling this through. Is being trans so unremarkable now? (Almost certainly not.) Do all my Facebook friends actually have me blocked? (Also seems unlikely.)

The most likely explanation, I have decided, is the really fucking annoying way Facebook arranges the posts on a person's feed--not chronologically, unless you specifically request it (and then it only lasts for one session), but by "most important" i.e. most liked/commented on. This is why there's always plenty of clickbaity crap at the top of one's feed. And it means that people with long Facebook friends lists can easily miss a little post like mine. #facebookishorrible #doesthismeanihavetocomeoutagain?

Speaking of annoying social media, I've started using Tumblr and Twitter again. They're less annoying on a phone, somehow. So if you have a Tumblr or Twitter, feel free to drop me a comment here with your user name on that platform.

I'm gavestonsfrolic on Tumblr and t0bacc04ndb0ys on Twitter, where so far I have never actually tweeted, just followed people. (Paul McDermott has a Twitter! I was extremely surprised.)
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2017-10-11 05:16 pm
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Some years ago, on another National Coming Out Day, I came out as trans to all my online friends. Today I just came out to everyone I know on Facebook, including some members of my family. (I don't really have any close family left--nobody I felt I needed to tell in person.)

It was time, but I am really nervous. I have almost no experience of coming out to people who know me in person, plus I have a friend who's said TERF-y things and I have no idea how my extended family are going to react.

Well, anyway, it's done now. I may never dare to look at my Facebook page again.
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2017-09-30 08:14 am
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new DAAS clip

This is a fantastic clip from DAAS's appearance at this year's Edinburgh Fringe.

It was, shall we say, interesting to watch this at a moment when time and mortality were already very much on my mind. I was actually sobbing during the last song (you''ll see why).

I should note that Tim Ferguson has commented on the YouTube post, very politely asking for this to be taken down. And I get his point--he and Paul McD and Paul L have a living to make--but I also don't think that anyone who loves DAAS is going to decide not to attend a live show because they've seen 15 minutes of it on YouTube. Whereas for fans like me, people who don't live in Australia or the UK or just can't afford a ticket, it's really wonderful to have a chance to see even a little of what we're missing. (Also: DVD, guys. Release a DVD and I will buy it!)

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2017-09-17 08:29 pm
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recipe weekend

Something I've cooked recently: Not a lot. I've been on a mission to eat all the summer peaches and tomatoes, and so there's been a lot of bread + tomatoes dressed with olive oil, and bread + tomatoes and mozzarella dressed with olive oil, and bread + tomatoes and ricotta dressed with olive oil. Also I have been "roasting" lots of red bell peppers under the broiler; I should freeze some, because I don't love the jarred kind.

I have baked a couple of nice things with peaches. Last weekend I made this peach and almond upside-down cake. I made a few modifications, as I tend to do: I increased the almond meal to 100 grams and cut the flour down to 155 grams, reduced the sugar in the cake batter to about 180 grams, omitted the almond extract since I didn't have any, and added about half a teaspoon of cardamom to the batter. It turned out very well despite the changes; the cake is a bit crumbly due to the extra almond meal but I don't mind that, and it's definitely sweet enough for my taste despite the reduced sugar.

Today I finally made a recipe I've wanted to try literally for years: Peach Slump with Ricotta Dumplings, from The Joy of Cooking.

more info and recipe under the cut )

Something I have concrete plans to cook in the near future: I don't have any concrete plans, except to keep eating tomatoes and peaches while they last.

Something I vaguely intend to cook someday: tomatoes and peaches aside, I am looking forward to autumn cooking. I want to bake my favorite apple cake again, and maybe a pumpkin roll or pumpkin muffins, and cook chicken with olives and preserved lemon, and make soups and bake bread. And maybe I'll try that Ottolenghi recipe for roasted vegetable tart, although I should probably do that soon while the veggies are still in season.
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2017-09-10 06:59 pm
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poll for a Sunday night

A semi-serious poll to conclude the weekend. You can guess how much I'm looking forward to Monday morning.

People here via their network or whatever should feel free to answer too--it doesn't matter if I know you or not.

Poll #18799 Sunday Night Blues
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 15

Do you feel sad on Sunday night (or whatever night is the end of your weekend) because you have to go to work the next day?

View Answers

Yes, always or almost always
5 (33.3%)

Yes, sometimes
8 (53.3%)

Yes, rarely
1 (6.7%)

Never or almost never
1 (6.7%)

If you get the Sunday night blues, when do they generally start?

View Answers

Sunday evening
10 (71.4%)

Sunday mid-day
3 (21.4%)

Sunday morning
0 (0.0%)

1 (7.1%)

If you get the Sunday Night Blues, do you think you'd feel differently if you liked your job more?

View Answers

6 (42.9%)

8 (57.1%)

Has this poll made you even more depressed about going to work tomorrow?

View Answers

5 (35.7%)

9 (64.3%)

Whose fault is it?

View Answers

13 (92.9%)

Human nature
2 (14.3%)

My boss's
4 (28.6%)

My coworkers'
3 (21.4%)

My own
2 (14.3%)

The patriarchy
5 (35.7%)

Other, which I might choose to explain in comments
1 (7.1%)

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2017-09-09 07:58 pm

prompts, please?

I'm trying to ease back into writing fanfic, and I could really use prompts to help inspire me. Some of you have already offered prompts, and thank you so much!!, but I'd love to have lots more.

So this is another post for prompts. Please don't hesitate. Leave more than one if you'd like! And it doesn't matter if I've already written something inspired by one of your prompts.

Prompts can be anything you'd like, but I find it most helpful if you give me a fandom, a character or two and/or a pairing, and a little something for me to work with, such as a word, a brief situation, a bit of poetry or song lyrics or other quotation. If you're not sure if I know a particular fandom, you can PM me if you like or you can just leave the prompt anyway. Basically: don't be shy, I'd love any and all prompts you can think of.

At the moment I'm writing drabbles, but hopefully as I start to feel more confident I'll expand into ficlets.

I probably won't be able to write something for every prompt, but I can guarantee I'll be grateful for every prompt.

Thank you!
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2017-09-09 03:04 pm

I wrote another thing!

From [personal profile] lilliburlero's prompt: Lord Peter Wimsey, Peter/Bunter, 'One morn I miss'd him on the custom'd hill.'

Elegy (100 words) by kindkit
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Lord Peter Wimsey - Dorothy L. Sayers
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Major Character Death
Relationships: Mervyn Bunter & Peter Wimsey
Additional Tags: Drabble
Summary: Bunter, Peter, and the choices they made.
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2017-09-07 07:14 pm

I wrote a thing

A small thing, but mine own. The first thing I've completed in, literally, years. Thanks to [personal profile] st_aurafina for the prompt!

Two Meetings (196 words) by kindkit
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Hellblazer, Rivers of London - Ben Aaronovitch
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: John Constantine, Thomas Nightingale
Additional Tags: Double Drabble
Summary: Magicians who pass in the night.

By the way, I'd love to have a big list of prompts to work with, so please don't hesitate to post as many as you like here. I almost certainly won't manage to write something for every prompt, but I'm grateful for them all and hey, I did write something!
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2017-09-04 07:49 pm
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I just watched the first part of Man in an Orange Shirt, one of the shows the BBC produced for its Gay Britannia celebration, and it was wrenching. It's about two men who fall in love just after the Second World War, but one of them is engaged to be married, and everything plays out just as you'd expect. *sigh* I guess it's important for people to know queer history, and to understand that homophobia and criminalization wrecked lives, but . . . I would also like to see representation of the unwrecked lives, of the ways queer men found to resist and even to be happy.

I think the second part is going to be happier, but that's set in the present, and as such it doesn't speak to me as much.

Should've been more cautious, because I'm not really in a good emotional state for stories of heartbreak.

tl;dr still waiting for the Second World War era love story between two men that has a happy ending.
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2017-09-04 02:59 pm

Labor Day

1) Whenever I had a spare moment during my shift at work today*, I thought bitterly about the fact that many the people Labor Day ostensibly celebrates don't have the day off. Because they have no unions and therefore no/few paid holidays.

*I didn't have many spare moments, because all the people with good jobs and money to spend did have the day off and were shopping.

2) I recently watched The Hippopotamus, in which Roger Allam plays a boozy washed-up poet who is hired to investigate a purported miracle at the country house of a friend. It's based on a novel by Stephen Fry, which . . . well, it wasn't as cruelly cynical as I thought it would be, though I should note that the movie's lone gay character was depicted in a way I must describe as homophobic. (I feel like Stephen Fry has form for this, but I'm not completely sure.) It's not a terrible movie, and worth it if you like Roger Allam (Fiona Shaw is also in it, but rather wasted in a small role; then there's a bizarrely miscast Matthew Modine as the lord of the manor, his American accent unconvincingly handwaved as the result of having an American father). I did like Tim McInnerny as the abovementioned gay man, and I think it might have been a better movie from his point of view.

3) I appear to be rewatching as much of Good News Week as I can readily find. Paul McDermott makes me happy.

4) Speaking of which, DAAS were at the Edinburgh festival and appeared briefly on BBC Radio's The Now Show a week or two ago. They sang "The Sailor's Arms," and to my delight, rephrased the transphobic last line to be better. It's still a song that can deservedly be termed problematic, but I kind of love it anyway and I was glad to see it improved. If you want to hear it, I think this episode of the Now Show is still on the BBC i-Player for a couple of weeks.

5) There's an interesting review of DAAS's Shepherds Bush performance here. I don't agree with everything about it (I think even DAAS's cruder jokes are cleverer than Regan realizes), but I liked reading about the show's emotional impact, since I'm never going to be able to see it myself unless they release a DVD. The reason I'm posting about it here, though, is that the reviewer writes that Tim Ferguson "is going to die very soon." This completely freaked me out, especially since the review was linked to both from the official DAAS Facebook and from Tim's own Facebook, and in neither case did Tim say, "Um, actually not dying soon that I know of." So now I'm worried that he is dying and it's something they've acknowledged in the show. Certainly Tim's MS has gotten worse, and he said in an interview that it's moved into the steadily progressing stage and he doesn't expect any more remissions. I even googled "Is Tim Ferguson dying," and found lots about Tim's MS but nothing to say he is in fact dying, so I'm hoping that the reviewer just got the wrong end of the stick. Still, it is worrisome. I know it's ridiculous to feel so concerned about celebrities (plural because, honestly, it makes me worry as much for Paul as for Tim), and normally I wouldn't, but somehow, in this case, I do.

6) To try to end on something positive: I watched the first episode of the new Bake Off and it didn't suck. There hasn't been any attempt to manufacture tension or feuds or whatever between the bakers, which is what I was afraid of. I do very much feel the lack of Mel and Sue, and especially of Mary Berry, but I am one of those weird people who actually likes Paul Hollywood, so I'm willing to watch just for him while I warm up to the new bakers and hopefully the new presenters.
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2017-08-30 03:56 pm
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I forgot to do my Duolingo practice yesterday and lost a 153-day streak. *sadface*