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Bingo! My fifth Kink Bingo fic and the last for the official round, although I still want to try for a blackout during the amnesty period.

Title: A Man at War
Fandom: Colditz
Character: Pat Grant
Rating: Teen
Kink: Virginity/celibacy
Word count: 708
Content notes: No standard notes apply
Summary: Pat after Colditz. There's a war on, even in Switzerland.
Notes: I'm assuming that Pat Grant's post-escape military service resembles that of Pat Reid, on whom he was loosely based. Reid stayed in Switzerland, collecting intelligence from escaped POWs for MI6. Like all my Colditz stories, this one is influenced by [ profile] halotolerant's stories (read them, they're marvellous!) and by our many Colditz discussions.

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My fourth Kink Bingo fic. If I can just get another one written and posted before the challenge closes Thursday morning, I'll actually get a bingo. *hopes*

Title: Captivity
Fandom: Colditz
Pairing: George/Harry
Rating: Teen
Kink: Roleplay
Word count: 1514
Content Notes: No standard notes apply.
Summary: Imagination, Jane Eyre, and a kind of liberty.
Notes: Set in the autumn of 1944. You can probably read this without having seen Colditz; this post will give some sense of the characters. If you have seen Colditz, I should mention that the exercise park in this story resembles the spacious, hilly one at the historical Colditz more than the tiny litte space shown on the TV show. Finaly, like all my Colditz stories, this owes a lot to [ profile] halotolerant and our many, many discussions.

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My third [community profile] kink_bingo fic.

Title: Damned, Elusive
Fandom: Colditz
Pairing: Palmer/OMC
Rating: Mature
Kink: Anonymity
Word count: 975
Content notes: No standard notes apply.
Summary: Palmer meets a man. Twice.
Author's notes: This is set in the late 1930s. You don't need to have seen Colditz; Palmer is a character who only appears in one episode, and you can learn a little more about him (and see a screencap) here if you're curious.

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[ profile] halotolerant, remember what I was saying about feeling gloomy and morbid? . . . yeah. Feel free not to read this one if it's likely to upset you.

Title: The Body Forgets
Fandom: Colditz
Character: Dick Player
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Character death
Word count: 500
Summary: Dick without Pat.
Notes: Loosely inspired by Constantine Cavafy's Body, Remember. As for the rest, I can only blame my pessimistic streak that, when I think about characters being happy together for the rest of their lives, then makes me wonder what happens after one of them is dead.

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At last, another [community profile] kink_bingo fic!

Title: In My Sweet Pain: Five Ways Dick Likes to Be Hurt (Plus One)
Fandom: Colditz
Pairing: Dick Player/Pat Grant
Rating: Explicit
Kink: Painplay (other)
Word Count: 700, plus section numbers
Content Notes: No standard notes apply.
Author's Notes: I owe many thanks to [personal profile] halotolerant for delightful conversations about what Pat and Dick are like between the sheets together. You probably don't need to have seen Colditz to read this, although you might find this primer post helpful in that case. Everything is set during the first few years of Pat and Dick's relationship (as I imagine it) after the war. Title stolen from Petrarch, who made this trope hip over 600 years ago.

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My first [community profile] kink_bingo fic!

Title: The Prisoner
Fandom: Colditz
Characters: Horst Mohn, Simon Carter (with about as much creepy UST as on the show, namely, lots)
Rating: Teen
Word count: 1541
Kink: Suspension
Official KB Content Notes: Non-consensual kink (but no sex)
Unofficial content notes: Kink interpreted in a way the mods probably had not anticipated; general creepiness; POV character is a Nazi and uses Nazi terminology.
Summary: Post-war, Carter and Mohn finally have a reckoning.

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Title: Liberation
Fandom: Colditz
Characters: OFC, George Brent
Rating: Teen
Warning: (skip) Character death, implied suicide.
Word count: 200
Summary: She finds the sketchbook as she's clearing out George's things.
Notes: George is canonically married, but we don't learn much about his wife. As for the rest . . . I don't know why my brain gives me ideas like this.

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I started watching Colditz because of a post on LJ friendsfriends pointing out that, when you have hundreds of men locked in prison together for years, there's bound to be some sex going on.

So far I don't find the show itself all that slashy, although it's enjoyable in many other ways. But the observation's a good one, and led to this drabble-y thing.

Title: Arts of Escapology
Fandom: Colditz
Characters: Pat Grant and ensemble; various implied pairings
Rating: All ages
Warnings: None needed
Word count: 250
Summary: Pat notices what others don't.
Notes: I'm not quite to the end of S1 of Colditz, so conceivably details in here may be contradicted by later canon (although this is set at some vague point in S1). Please don't spoil me for later stuff!

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