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I've only been doing very simple cooking, and no baking at all because I got a little carried away buying sweet treats before Christmas and I still have lots.

On Friday I bought two bunches of beautiful organic beets which were on sale. Yesterday I made another of my beans + sausage + greens stews, this time using dried small fava beans, hot "Italian sausage" (this is a heavily Americanized product that no Italian would likely recognize), and beet greens. The fava beans were not peeled, and by the time I decided I had better peel them it was too late because the beans inside were too soft to hold together. So I cooked them a bit longer and ate them skins and all. They were a bit chewy but fine, and the stew was tasty and provided lots of leftovers to freeze.

Today I'm roasting the actual beets, which I'm going to dress with walnut oil and lemon juice. I'll eat some today with blue cheese and toasted walnuts, and keep the rest for later.

A little earlier today I finally got around to using a half pound of raw almonds that I bought back in October because they were on sale cheap. I used this recipe for Tamari Roasted Almonds. For the soy I used about two parts Pearl River Bridge Mushroom Flavored Dark Soy Sauce to one part Pearl River Bridge Golden Label Light Soy Sauce. I also used a little less butter than the recipe calls for, and sprinkled the almonds with smoked paprika (and no extra salt) at the end. They are so, so good. They are little umami love bombs, with a really deep roasted-almond flavor as well. Now I have a plan for the next time almonds go on sale.

Apart from that I don't have any specific cooking plans. I'm needing to watch my budget quite a bit, and so my cooking needs to be based around what's cheap/on sale plus what I already have in the pantry, so it's hard to make plans. In the near future I'll need to use up the two red bell peppers, two yellow squash, radishes, carrots, and large cucumber currently occupying my fridge. There may be stuffed peppers if I get ambitious, otherwise pasta with vegetables, or vegetable soup, or something. And what I think of as Lazy Salad, i.e. cut-up veggies with dip. /no exciting cooking to see here

What is exciting is the amazing Christmas gift I got from [personal profile] halotolerant!

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I've fallen a bit in love with this image by Masterji, and wanted to share it.

man reclines handsomely on a coffee table" />
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It seems today is going to be the day when I post enough to make up for the almost two weeks since I last posted.

So. This photo of Cary Grant lighting Randolph Scott's cigarette with his own (on the beach, in the twilight) may be the most romantic image I have ever seen.

click here to see )

And this was a publicity photo! Arranged and paid for by the studio, which wanted to emphasize the supposedly un-Hollywood-like quiet domesticity of Grant and Scott's lives as housemates. It's got to be the definition of "hiding in plain sight," and I imagine the studio just wanted to deflect the suspiciousness of two wealthy, successful movie stars choosing to live together. Still, I'm not sure the message these photos actually send--which is pretty much "we're in love!"--is quite the one the studio intended.
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Dear Project Gutenberg,

You might want to redesign your thumbnail logo--you know, the one that shows up when someone googles you, and also at the corner of the browser tab?--so that it looks less like a Nazi swastika.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Really, who thought that was a good idea?


Aug. 5th, 2013 06:05 pm
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Below the cut is a still from the 1925 film Le Prince Charmant. Worksafe, but sexy as hell, at least if you're me.

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cool thing

Aug. 1st, 2013 02:00 pm
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Photographer Gabriele Galimberti has a project showcasing grandmothers from around the world and their cooking. Each woman is photographed with the ingredients for her special dish, and then there's a photo of the finished dish. And there are recipes (click on "More Info" below each photo). In true grandmother tradition, the recipes often don't give quantities, and sometimes ingredient names are untranslated and (to me) unfamiliar, but I'd certainly like to try cooking some of these. (I must admit to a particular fondness for Grace Estibero, of Mumbai, India, who suggests buying a premade masala for her chicken vindaloo: "Just buy it! Extremely easy, isn't it?")

Delicatessen with love.
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Rotha Lintorn-Orman, driver with the Women's Reserve Ambulance during the First World War and founder in 1923 of the British Fascisti, the first fascist party in the UK. Disturbingly hot.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I found this picture in a really interesting article about Mary Richardson, a militant suffragette in early 20th century and a fascist supporter by the 1930s.
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In today's edition of "Nazi Propaganda or Gay Porn?" I offer this remarkable photograph by Leni Riefenstahl (yes, that Leni Riefenstahl) of, I presume, an athlete who was competing in the 1936 Olympics in Berlin.

It's called In der Sauna )
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Welcome to another installment of "Christopher Neame wears interesting hats." This time, he's in Romeo and Juliet (and is very good in it--this and Colditz are the best acting I've seen from him). R&J is among my least favorite Shakespeare plays, so I confess to mostly only watching the scenes he was in and screencapping them for your delectation.

pics below the cut )

not quite

Aug. 16th, 2012 10:15 am
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Tumblr: Good source for interesting historical photos, terrible source for correct information about them. This is not Kaiser Wilhelm II, any more than these dashing young women are actually Rosa Luxemburg, Simone de Beauvoir, and Emma Goldman. (The mod of the latter Tumblr says that they assumed the image title was just a joke; maybe it is, but most of the people gleefully reposting the image don't seem to have caught on.)
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This is a present for [ profile] halotolerant, although other people might like it too (Dick is beautiful!). It's even more lascivious, m/m slash-focused, and OTP-ish than my previous Colditz primer and picspam. This may be a bug or a feature, depending on your tastes.

Under the cut are quite a few pictures drawn from Colditz episodes through 1x07, "Lord, Didn't It Rain."

you know you want to see the prettiness )
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On a happier note than my previous post (locked because boringly personal), here is a picture demonstrating that British (?)1 officers (?)2 do sometimes cuddle each other.

rather sweet First World War-era photo under the cut )
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This is relevant to all my interests:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I got it from Deviates Inc., a marvellous Tumblr of queer images (there's an RSS feed for it on DreamWidth created by yours truly; note that some images are NSFW). I traced the photo back through the intarwebs as far as BuzzFeed, but there doesn't seem to be any identifying information anywhere. Adding to my frustration, I can't see enough of the uniform to be sure of nationality, although the stand collar has me thinking Soviet dress uniform. Anyone have any ideas about nationality or date? (If it is Soviet, the kiss isn't necessarily an indication that the men are a couple--my understanding it was, perhaps still is, not unusual in Russia for men to kiss on the lips as an expression of friendship--but, hey, that also doesn't prove they're not a couple, right?)

While I'm posting images, have a couple of beautiful 1930s menswear advertisements )
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Have some more pictures of Christopher Neame! First, a few from the 1983 miniseries The Cleopatras, in which he played Mark Antony. I'm afraid the image quality is not great because they're from a VHS rip.

Sometimes he wears a diadem, sometimes he doesn't wear much at all. Nor do the people in the background. NSFW. )
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Have another picture of Christopher Neame in an astonishing hat. This one's from "Shada," the unaired 1980 Doctor Who story written by Douglas Adams:

must be clicked to be believed )
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I'm skimming through random shows with Christopher Neame in them. Here's a screenshot from an episode of The Protectors, which aired in 1974. Neame played a baddie in stylin' 1970s fashions (and, from what I could tell, the same car as Peter Guillam in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy).

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I feel compelled to show you all my new desktop wallpaper: image under the cut )
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1) Out of random curiosity, watch a talk show appearance by Benedict Cumberbatch.

2) Discover that in interviews Benedict Cumberbatch is low-key, modest, charming, thoughtful, and well-spoken.

3) Discover that some of the alienness of his appearance on Sherlock must be due to make-up, lighting, and body language, and that he is also capable of looking like this: picture below the cut )

4) Fall in love with Benedict Cumberbatch.

5) Discover that he is straight. Feel sad about this.

6) Decide to WATCH ALL THE THINGS he's in anyway. Or at least the ones that don't focus on a heterosexual relationship his character's having.

ETA: 7) Decide to prove my cred by mentioning that, although my crush is new, I first noticed Benedict Cumberbatch when he was in Amazing Grace. I posted a review in early 2007 that mentions Cumberbatch's excellent performance as William Pitt.


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