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"Steven Moffat will be leaving Doctor Who - "

YAY! Maybe I can start watching agai-

"- to be replaced by Chris Chibnall."

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1) Over the past couple of weeks, my job has gone from "ha ha, try to get enough hours to live on, sucker!" to "OMG SO MUCH WORK." This is because Christmas is, in retail-land, upon us. I'm glad for the hours but my feet hurt.

2) On my days off I made bagels! This is thanks to [personal profile] wisdomeagle, who directed me to this recipe. If I'd known how easy bagels were I'd have tried it ages ago! I used the brown sugar substitution for the malt syrupt, which I don't have, and made half plain bagels and half sesame bagels. They freeze pretty well, though they should probably either be toasted or reheated in an oven after thawing.

I also cooked braised pork ribs and kimchi, modifying the recipe here and there based on what I had on hand. I used a regular bonito dashi rather than anchovy dashi, regular kimchi that had been around for a bit in my fridge rather than the specially packaged "old kimchi," cayenne pepper instead of the Korean chili flakes (I used a little less than a full tablesoon), and omitted the jalapeno and green onion at the end. I'd have liked to include the green onion but I was out; I think the dish was quite spicy enough without the jalapeno. Though some googling tells me that the cayenne I used is much hotter than Korean chile flakes, so if you're using the right chiles, adding the jalapeno is probably fine. Anyway, despite the substitutions it was very nice.

3) Yuletide! I'm pleased with my assignment and have actually started writing. Hoping to avoid last-minute panics this year.

4) What I've heard about the most recent Doctor Who episode makes me glad I quit watching again. I think I probably won't give the show another try until Moffat is gone, because vague spoilers )

5) In happier fandom news, the new BBC show Grantchester is pretty enjoyable! And has canon queerness. The mystery plots are meh but it's worth it for the characters, in my opinion. Also the lead actor is awfully pretty, if that sort of thing appeals to you.
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My reactions to "Into the Dalek," episode 2 of whatever the hell season it is. Note if you're avoiding negative reactions: this is one.

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By request from [personal profile] halotolerant, who's starting to get in to Classic Who, I've written up an overview of the Eighth Doctor Adventures novels (EDAs). There are also Big Finish audios called the Eighth Doctor Adventures, but I've only listened to a couple of them. The EDA novels are just about the limit of my extended-canon knowledge, in fact. I don't know most of the audios, any of the comics, any of the New Adventures, the old-school tie-in novels from back in the day, or the New Who novels etc. Doctor Who: there's always more canon! As for how it all ties together, I recommend a multiverse theory (which is semi-canonical anyway), because otherwise your brain will explode.

I've given my opinions below about which books are most worth reading; your mileage may vary and civil disagreement is always welcome.

The first thing to know about the EDA novels )
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13 minutes into "The Time of the Doctor," and I feel compelled to mention non-plotty spoilers )
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[personal profile] sineala asked about my favorite Classic Who stories and why I love them. I've divided it up by Doctors, because there was no way I could pick just one or two stories for all of Classic Who. Or even all I've seen of it, which is the Second, Third, Fifth, and Eighth Doctors, most of the Fourth Doctor episodes, and a few of the First and Sixth.

Second Doctor )

Third Doctor )

Fourth Doctor )

Fifth Doctor )

Eighth Doctor )
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I finally got to watch "Day of the Doctor."

spoilers )
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The announcement of the Twelfth Doctor's casting has again led to dismay for people who would like the next Doctor to be a woman.

I have to confess that I've always been a little uncomfortable with the assertion that if the Doctor regenerated as female it would be no big deal to the Doctor. On a Watsonian and also a personal level, I have doubts. These doubts have nothing to do with the solid Doyleist real-world reasons (feminism, basically) why a female Doctor would be a good thing. I acknowledge and agree with those reasons.

My qualms, as I said, are Watsonian and personal. They're to do with the Doctor as a character, which is to say as a fictional person for whom we assume a fictional subjectivity, and with my own experience of gender.

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