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The fourth round of the ACD Holmes Fanwork Exchange is open for signups. I appear to have signed up. How did that happen?
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This is a cool thing: The Invisible Ficathon: Fan Fiction From Stories That Never Were. Eligible fandoms include books, TV shows, movies, etc. that canonically exist within a source text but don't exist in real life.

I don't know if I'll actually write for this, but I definitely want to nominate some things in the hopes that other people will write them. Some possibilities:

The Conscience of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle, which is from the Library of Dreams in The Sandman. Or maybe Raymond Chandler's Love Can Be Murder, from the same source. Or P. G. Wodehouse's Psmith and Jeeves.

The Aja'ib, a Thousand and One Nights-ish book of adventure stories from Paul Magrs's Eighth Doctor novels. The Aja'ib may be a mythic retelling of the Doctor's life, but there are things in it that the Doctor insists never happened; plus when Fitz reads it in The Blue Angel the stories seem to change every time.

Inspector Spacetime from Community, maybe, although apparently it's become practically a real fandom at this point.

The Library, the fictional TV show from Kelly Link's "Magic for Beginners." Except there are actually two of them--the story is itself supposed to be a TV show, and then the people in the story which is a TV show are fans of a TV show called The Library. I'm interested in the most nested one, the one with Fox who is never played by the same actor twice, and which has an entire episode set inside a drawer of the card catalog of the eponymous library. Complicated to nominate, but so so cool.

Probably one of the fictional squid-related books in Jeff Vandermeer's City of Saints and Madmen. There's a whole bibliography of them!
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War Stories: A Comment Ficathon

So far the prompts almost all seem to be about fictional wars (in Harry Poter or BSG, for example) and/or metaphorical wars (fighting zombies or vampires). I'd love to see some more prompts and fics for historical-war fandoms.
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Just a heads-up for anyone who is interested in [community profile] kink_bingo: the mods have announced that after this round they'll be taking a break in 2014. KB will be on hiatus, with no 2014 round, but the mods plan to resume in 2015.

So, if you've been thinking of participating in Kink Bingo, this is your last chance for a while. Everyone can play this year, even if you previously defaulted and were made ineligible for the next round. Also, this year requesting a card does not commit you to anything--there is no requirement to post a fanwork. All fandoms, all characters, all genders and sexualities and types of pairings (or no pairing at all), and all levels of sexual content are welcome. You can post fanfic, fanart, meta, recs list, icons, picspams, fanmixes, and probably other things I'm forgetting in order to fill a square on your bingo card.

I encourage you to sign up for a card if you're at all interested. Almost all of the kinks are so flexible that you don't have to be very into kink in the traditional sense to write them; I managed a bingo last year with five fics, only one of which was kinky in the conventional sense (and even that one didn't include anything more extreme than gentle spanking). Plus, you can request a card that includes only kinks that can be readily written about a solo character, or a card of only kinks that don't necessarily involve orgasms or sexual penetration, or a solo no-orgasm no-penetration combined card. (Kinks on these cards can also be written with two or more characters, with orgasms, with penetration, but there's nothing in the nature of the kinks that will require that.) The whole kink list for this round is here if you want to check out what you might be getting into. I also recommend looking at the Kink Wiki to see the considerable degree of flexibility that's allowed/encouraged in interpreting the kinks.

Last year I signed up with some trepidation, having defaulted two years earlier, but I ended up enjoying it a lot.
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I am glad that there exists in the world a cartoon diagram of the relationships within the Bloomsbury group, including marriages, sex, crushes, unrequited love, etc. Though I wish it were bigger and included such tangles as the fact that Lytton Strachey had a crush on George Mallory (the mountaineer), who was hopelessly in love with Lytton's brother James Strachey, who was hopelessly in love with Rupert Brooke.

In other news, [community profile] queer_fest has opened for prompts. I am a bit of a Queer Fest skeptic (awesome idea, so-so execution of the fics most of the time), but I did find myself leaving some prompts.
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1) There is, or was, an X-Men cologne.

I am both intrigued and horrified to see my two newest interests collide.

2) In other perfume news, today I spent a happy ten minutes in the "aromatherapy" aisle of the hippie grocery store sniffing testers of a bunch of essential oils. Now I know a lot more about a lot of basic notes, from the difference between lemongrass and lemon to unusual things like frankincense and hyssop. I discovered the geranium smells totally different from how I thought (it's much earthier and deeper, barely recognizable as floral) and that patchouli really does make me feel nauseated.

3) Unrelated, although I could make a metaphor about drowning out the stink of homophobia, [ profile] gileonnen has responded to Orson Scott Card's "gay men are hellbound pedophiles" rewrite of Hamlet by hosting The Big Gay Hamlet ficathon (actually a prompt-and-fill challenge), for Hamlet fic with queer themes. In the spirit of not doing what Card did, stories about pedophilia, rape, and abusive relationships are off-limits; there's not a requirement that stories be "positive," in the sense of not talking about homophobia or other problems, just that queer characters and queer sexualities (including asexuality) not be demonized. It's a cool thing and I hope lots of folks participate.

ETA: 4) Returning to frivolities, I always thought I was immune to shoe-lust. And then I saw these glorious steampunk-y boots. I'm not buying them, because even discounted they are $100, but I want them more than I can begin to tell you.

Kink Bingo

Jun. 2nd, 2010 10:38 am
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In a moment of optimism, I signed up for [community profile] kink_bingo, even though I'm not really a kink writer as most people would define it. But I'd looked through the list of assignable kinks and found a lot that I do enjoy in stories. Plus, I thought it might be a bit of an incentive to start writing again.

Unfortunately, I got unlucky with my assignment. No fewer than five squares are major squicks for me.

my bingo card under the cut )
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Hoist the anchor, set the sails, and plot your course for...

The First Ever Dreamwidth Age of Sail Anonymous Kink Meme

Any seafaring or related historical fandom: Hornblower, Master and Commander, Temeraire, Sharpe, Pirates of the Caribbean, Jane Austen, Lord John Grey, Georgette Heyer, historical RPS...

Any genre or kink: slash, het, gen, threesomes, moresomes, pwp, kink, angst, schmoop, crackfic, AU...

Join us at [community profile] age_of_sail!


Mar. 18th, 2010 01:38 pm
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This year's [ profile] lgbtfest has begun! It's a great challenge-based ficathon (as distinct from a fic exchange) for stories in any fandom, including RPF, that focus on LGBT issues. The rules/FAQ post is here and the prompts submission post is here; signups will begin later.

The fest is run on LiveJournal, but I know that in the past people have posted their stories on DreamWidth and just linked from LJ. You do probably need an LJ account, but if you don't have one you could contact the mod, [ profile] penknife, to ask if some kind of arrangement can be made.
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1) If you've ever thought of giving Blake's 7 a try, now is a good time, because a rewatch-and-discussion has just begun at [ profile] b7rewatch. Discussion for each episode will be split into two posts: one general and one designed to accommodate new viewers, in which spoilers past the episode under discussion are not allowed. The general post for episode 1x01, "The Way Back," is here, and the spoiler-free post is here.

Blake's 7 is a show that deserves a larger following. Yes, the sets are wobbly; yes, the costumes and hairstyles are dated. But the worldbuilding, characterization, and dialogue are first-rate, especially in S1 and S2. The show explores genuinely difficult political and ethical questions without preaching, platitudes, or any guarantee that the good guys will win. Or even that the good guys are good. At its best, it blows every other science fiction show out of the water.

The DVDs are available at Feel free to PM me if you have questions about, you know, stuff.

2) The wonderful DW community [community profile] queerlygen has begun its multi-fandom, prompts-claim ficathon of gen stories about queer characters. The definitions of both "queer" and "gen" are well thought-out and flexible, and the characters you write about don't have to be shown as queer in canon. The prompts post is here.



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