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Ah, today is the first of two glorious days off in a row! (My days off are frequently not consecutive.)

Besides sleeping, I've also written about 1000 words in a fandom that has, at most, two people in it. And I'm contemplating a fill at [community profile] tintin_kinkmeme, where to my surprise there are several good stories and a number of prompts that make me want to write instead of tear my hair out.

Also, I have decided that today is Dead WIP Amnesty Day for me. So I'm going to post some fragments that are unfinished and will never be finished, but are not so terrible or so fragmentary that I want to consign them to hard-drive oblivion. These are first drafts, so read at your own risks of typos and other infelicities.

1. Unfinished Sanctuary story (Henry/Big Guy, teen, 5100 words, nothing sexually explicit). I started this during the mid-S3 hiatus, then it got jossed, then S4 of Sanctuary alienated me so much that I stopped watching and may not resume. Which is a shame, because I like how this one was going.

click here to read )

2. James May/Paul McDermott RPS (with implied unrequited James/Richard and previous Paul/Tim Ferguson), 1200 words, nothing sexually explicit. Top Gear is another fandom I think I'm done with, although I do have the urge sometimes to write about James May with non-TG men (e.g. Sim Oakley, Oz Clarke, or in this case Paul McDermott, formerly of DAAS fame).

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More dead WIPs coming in a second post. This one can't get any longer if I'm to crosspost it to LJ successfully.
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I'm watching Sanctuary 4x06, "Homecoming." Those who know me and watched the episode may be able to predict what I'm about to say next: spoilers for this and other aired Sanctuary episodes and Warehouse 13 )
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I finally got around to watching "Uprising."

thoughts )

I still haven't seen 4x03 and 4x04, so please, no spoilers.

ETA: Just watched the beginning of 4x03, and I need to say: spoilers )
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Well, I see what they spent season 3.5's budget on. spoilers )
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What the hell has happened to Sanctuary? For two and a half seasons it got (for the most part) better and better, then suddenly in the second half of S3 there've been five dire episodes in a row. And dire in a tedious, uncreative way--it's not that the show took risks and failed, but that it hasn't taken any risks, in fact its ambitions could hardly be lower, and it's still failed.

I suspect some of the problem is a directive from On High telling the showrunners to (a) cut the budget and (b) make episodes that are easy for new viewers to understand. So we get into specific territory, spoilery for aired episodes )
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Mostly I am about to grumble, I'm afraid. And there will be spoilers for all aired episodes.

Sanctuary 3x11-3x13 )

Lewis season <del>4</del> 5, I guess )
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1) I have the energy to post again now, because the doctor took me off the medicine (a beta-blocker) that was making me dizzy, exhausted, and brain-dead. I'm starting to remember what normal feels like, yay! Maybe soon I'll be together enough to resume writing fic.

2) I've been back at work since Sunday. It was very hard at first (especially while I was still having bad dizziness) but the boss and my co-workers have been pretty damn awesome. I'm readjusting, which is good because tomorrow I have to work a full eight hours on my feet. Eep.

3) There aren't a whole lot of upsides to anemia, but I have learned to cook dirty rice, which is very tasty as well as containing lots of iron-rich chicken livers. (I put great dollops of hot sauce on mine, as though it's jambalaya.) Any of you know other good recipes for chicken livers in, er, a fairly disguised form? I don't dislike the taste of liver, exactly, but I find it too strong to eat more than a couple of bites of, say, a sauteed chicken liver.

4) Yesterday I read Mary Roach's Packing for Mars, and now I need to read everything else she's ever written. Her writing has a lot of style and wit, and I must bow down to someone who includes, in her book on the pitfalls of space travel, a detailed discussion of a porn movie ostensibly shot in zero G (Roach concludes, based on the behavior of, er, liquids, that it wasn't).

5) I have also now read all of the Eighth Doctor Adventures novels except the very last. Well, all of the ones with Fitz in, except the very last. I can't quite bring myself to start The Gallifrey Chronicles, partly because I don't want the series to end, partly because it's by Lance Parkin, who hates my favorite characters. I've heard enough bad stuff about what he does in the book to make avoiding it seem wise. And yet my inner completist nags me.

6) The second half of Sanctuary S3 starts very soon! Which is great, but also bad because my fic (partly set after the aired episodes) is very much not finished and will now inevitably be jossed. Also, I fear there will be More Canonical Het Romance For Everyone. *sigh* I'd much rather see Great Adventures For Everyone. Or Genuinely Thoughtful Character Development For Everyone.

7) I'm trying to cheerfully look forward to the Doctor Who Easter special while simultaneously keeping my expectations low. (I am unspoiled. Please don't make any spoilery comments at all, not even hints.) It's not that I have any particular reason to worry, just that I find my relationship with new Who is happier if I don't get my hopes up too much.

8) Tell me things! What are you enjoying, fannishly, or looking forward to? What's something cool you've read/watched/listened to lately? I feel out of touch. I've been trying to keep up with my DW and LJ reading lists, but I haven't had much brain to spare. Which is also why in a lot of cases I haven't responded to comments. Sorry about that; your comments are always appreciated, it's just that for most of the last three weeks I've had the energy level and brain capacity of blue-green algae.
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This post brought to you by the fact that I went to bed early because I'm feeling terrible, then woke up at 2:00 am and haven't been able to get back to sleep.

So. I've started watching Warehouse 13 after [personal profile] st_aurafina told me it had a bisexual character in it. And not word-of-god bisexual, nor implied bisexual, but really canonically acknowledged-onscreen bisexual. This is sufficiently rare in sff shows that it was inducement enough for me to give Warehouse 13 a try.

cut for length; I've avoided spoilers )
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In the last couple of minutes I've seen two different people assert (in relation to the Sanctuary Cage Match thing) that Helen is bisexual. Where are they getting this? Was it actually on the show and I missed it somehow, or is it word of producers who are too chickenshit to depict queerness on the show but want the cred anyway god, or is it fanon?

I'd very much like Sanctuary to have canon queer characters, preferably more than one, but I'm wary of fandom's tendency to assert things as canon that . . . aren't.
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I've just been watching the original webisodes of Sanctuary, and while the first four-parter is in many ways better than the aired pilot (better dialogue, less boring exposition), I have no love for the second one. I'm exceedingly glad they rewrote Henry's character and decided not to make him a sexist jackass. Also, Christopher Heyerdahl's performance as the Big Guy is much fresher, less clichéd, and more nuanced in the TV version.

I'm bemused by the fact that some fan writers have apparently taken large chunks of the webisodes to be canon, considering how many aspects are contradicted by the TV version.

uh oh

Mar. 4th, 2011 03:23 pm
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I will not write Ryan Robbins/Christopher Heyerdahl RPF.

I will not write Ryan Robbins/Christopher Heyerdahl RPF.

I will not write Ryan Robbins/Christopher Heyerdahl RPF.

I will not write Ryan Robbins/Christopher Heyerdahl RPF. Despite this. And this. And this, for which, tragically, there does not appear to be a YouTube clip.

*is strongly, strongly tempted to write Ryan Robbins/Christopher Heyerdahl RPF*

damn it

Feb. 27th, 2011 01:51 pm
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Argh, I've just been forcibly reminded of why I have some issues with scripted shows. I just watched Sanctuary 3x09, "Vigilante," and spoilers; also, I'm mad as hell and I have the italics to prove it )
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A few quick reactions; I've only seen through 3x04, "Trail of Blood," so please don't spoil me for anything later.

spoilers for what I've seen )
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I'm watching the beginning of 2x08, "Next Tuesday," and not really spoilery, but cut anyway )

oh noes

Feb. 20th, 2011 02:49 am
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A quick reaction to the end of Sanctuary season 1: major spoiler )
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I've been feeling a bit emotionally raw, for obvious reasons. So to console/distract myself, I've been watching the first season of Sanctuary. The first few episodes left me unconvinced, mostly due to the clunky dialogue and the fact that I can trace every single element in the show to some other show. But I think 1x07, "The Five," has won me over. spoilers under the cut )


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