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Here are my answers to the prompts I was given for this meme. I'd be happy to take more prompts if anyone is interested.

[ profile] miss_morland asked about Captain Haddock )

[ profile] mcicioni asked about Peter from The Wooden Horse )

[ profile] executrix asked about Pilot Officer Larry Page )

[personal profile] slashgoddess80 asked about Tintin )

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Jan. 5th, 2012 07:15 pm
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I saw Tintin a few days before Christmas but didn't get around to posting about it until now. I don't actually have a whole lot to say. It was fun! I was worried about the animation, which looks very weird in still photos/screencaps, but it worked beautifully in motion without any uncanny valley effect. The 3D was sometimes worthwhile and never terribly annoying. Jamie Bell's voicing of Tintin was charming; I was less enamored of the movie's Haddock than a lot of other folks, because I think he was played a little too much for broad comedy. There was moderate slashiness, but less so than the comics. One particularly telling moment for me was the scene where (mild spoiler) (skip) Haddock sets fire to the lifeboat. In the film, he does it because he's drunk and cold. This is true in the comics too, but there, his primary motivation is that he thinks Tintin is cold. By taking that out, the movie both makes Haddock looks more selfish and ridiculous than in the comics and downplays Haddock's immediate and intense devotion to Tintin. And in general the movie downplays how lonely and broken and depressed Haddock was before Tintin happened to him.

My main problem with the movie was that the action sequences just went on and on and bloody on, to the expense of coherency and character development. I was reminded a bit of the ending of Hot Fuzz (also directed by Edgar Wright), except that in that case there's a layer of parody. (ETA: Oops, Wright didn't direct this, he co-wrote it. Still, my main point stands, I think.)

So, it was enjoyable, but I haven't felt any particular urge to watch it again. I remain primarily a comicsverse fan.

In other movie news, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy is finally going to open here this weekend, so I finally will get to see it. I'm looking forward to it, although I'm sure this is another case where I'll prefer the bookverse.

Before the Yuletide reveal I mentioned wanting to talk about something in my source that I'd noticed (I wrote TTSS bookverse fic). It was (not a major spoiler, but cut anyway) click here to read )
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In other astounding developments, someone tries to explain it away as not really homophobia! Also, and folks this is completely unprecedented, [personal profile] kindkit gets angry!

For further insight into the mild-mannered Kit's startling descent into anger, see our previous article here (link goes to the LJ post because there's info in the comments about a Deviant Art community banning Tintin slash).

I have really, really, really got to stop (again) reading [ profile] fandomsecrets. The proportion of anger to hilarity (or empathy, or interest) is all wrong.

oh god WHY?

Dec. 2nd, 2011 10:25 am
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I am trying not to hate the entire world today, but things like this charming piece of fanart (warning for homophobic violence) are not making it easy.

Apparently the artist and their friends think it's the cutest thing ever, too.



Nov. 28th, 2011 03:21 pm
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Yesterday, by going to World Market at Oh Fuck O'Clock (okay, eight am) I acquired a free Tintin movie ticket and a free Tintin-themed Christmas ornament (depicting Milou|Snow; the ornaments actually of Tintin were given out on Saturday and I missed them, and alas there is no Haddock ornament, a terrible omission if you ask me).

I am not sure whether acquiring this swag makes me a fannish winner or a ridiculous geek. Probably both. It's not like those terms can't apply simultaneously.

Now if only the film would hurry up and open. And several other films I want to see. It's annoying that all the good films appear during a two-week window around Christmas.
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I happened across some rather nice gen pictures by Baru here and here. They also have a lovely page of shippy but G-rated doodles (well, one's about a PG-13) here on Y-Gallery, which you won't be able to see unless you're logged in.

I'd quite like to search Tumblr for more fanart, but I have no idea if it's even possible to search Tumblr. There doesn't seem to be any way to navigate the thing. Or maybe you can only navigate if you have an account?

ETA: Okay, I seem to have managed to search for all Tumblr posts tagged "Tintin." Most of them are reactions to the film, of course.

ETA2: Here's a cute drawing of Haddock playing golf.

ETA3: Tintin at the Mountains of Madness. The artist has some other cool Tintin-meets-Lovecraft covers, too.
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It occurred to me today that Tintin/Haddock is the first pairing I've liked for a long time that I could write as simply, happily loving each other without a shedload of emotional complications. There are no "I don't know if I want to get close to anyone" traumas (cf. XMFC Charles/Erik), no life-or-death ideological differences (cf. Giles/Ethan or Charles/Erik, all versions), no element of resentment or rivalry (cf. Blake/Avon, XMFC Charles/Erik as I seem to envision them, Garak/Bashir), no canonical aversion to or discomfort with sexuality (cf. Doctor Who except for Eleven), no past relationship full of pain and betrayal (cf. Giles/Ethan, X1-3 Charles/Erik, Doctor/Master), no canonical heterosexual history and thus no need for a bisexual epiphany and/or panic (cf. Lewis/Hathaway, Scott/Logan, Wield/Pascoe, many others), no weirdness-inducing power differences or other external factors (cf. Giles/Oz, Vetinari/Drumknott), and not even any noticeably prickly or difficult personality traits (cf., um, most of the pairings I like), apart from Haddock's drinking, which is an issue but is eventually solved within canon.

I think this is part of the reason I keep feeling drawn to write porn about them. Usually when I write an explicit scene, there are a lot of often contradictory or not-fun emotions running through it. It would make a change to write about sex that's joyous and entirely pleasurable, emotionally as well as physically, for the people involved.
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1) Fiddle with sentences.

2) Fiddle with sentences.

3) Double-check canon to make sure Moulinsart's furniture was actually described as Louis XIII.

4) Discover it was. Google Louis XIII furniture.

5) Be thrilled to discover that enormous curtained beds are a Louis XIII feature. Consider delightful ramifications for porn that isn't in this fic anyway.

6) Decide original sentence mentioning Louis XIII furniture doesn't work. Remove it.

7) Look at canon again and discover that the captain's bed does not have curtains.

8) Decide it's sometimes okay to ignore canon.

9) Fiddle with sentences.

10) Post about the above.

Okay, I've also baked bread and cookies, done a load of laundry, and discovered (thanks to QI) that Dr. Ben Goldacre is charming and attractive as well as smart. But mostly I have been thinking about beds.
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Anyone feel inclined to beta a Tintin story for me? With the caveat that it's not actually ready yet (I need to do a round of revisions first) but that I'd like to have someone lined up when it is ready?

It's set during the two "Moon" books and is currently about 8000 words but will almost certainly be longer once I've revised. It's a "how they got together" Tintin/Haddock story, not sexually explicit (Tintin does think about sex a bit, or more specifically about masturbation); Tintin is about 17 by my assumption.

Spelling and grammar aren't usually problems for me (although obviously if you do find errors, I'd like you to point them out). I'm primarily looking for feedback about story structure, emotional development, characterization, canon errors, prose quality, and that sort of thing. I don't need a super-fast turnaround, but a week or less would be nice if possible.

ETA: And I have a volunteer, yay!
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A few days ago I finished The Broken Ear, the first of the pre-Haddock Tintin comics I've read. Looping back to it after reading Tintin and the Picaros really highlights how much Hergé's art and storytelling matured over the years.

I tried not to hold The Broken Ear's Haddocklessness against it, but the story still felt a little bit lacking. And Tintin's life--early to bed, early to rise and do calisthenics with Milou--seemed lonely in comparison to what he'll have later. Not that Tintin seemed lonely. It's more like he's in an invisible box (only, um, without the implied mime) and never really contacts other people except in the most glancing fashion.

Before starting the album I was nervous lest my story On a Darkling Plain might have done Alcazar an injustice. Having read The Broken Ear, I can say that spoilers for The Broken Ear )
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All the recent talk of Yuletide 2011 made me realize that I'd better hurry up and write a New Year's Resolution story (I dropped out of the last Yuletide and I want to be sure I'm eligible to sign up again this year). One nice thing about NYR is that you can pick a prompt that suits you; probably no one will be surprised that I picked Tintin.

This is for [ profile] miss_morland, who requested a story dealing with the grimmer political implications of Tintin and the Picaros. I took the bleak and cynical undertones of that comic and ran with them.

Title: On a Darkling Plain
Fandom: Tintin
Pairing: Haddock/Tintin (but this isn't primarily a shippy story)
Rating: Teen
Warnings: None
Word count: 1318
Summary: There's news from San Theodoros, and it isn't pleasant.
Notes: Title from Matthew Arnold's Dover Beach.

click here to read )
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A few thoughts on my recent re-reading.

click here to read )
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I'm reading Flight 714 to Sydney, and there's a bit where Captain Haddock is tying up a villain's henchman and he says "Sorry to tie you up like this, mate, but a sailor loves making knots, you know."

You can imagine where my mind went. Especially since Tintin is also quite interested in the subject of knots, both the tying of and the escaping from.

ETA: And Allan, speaking to Haddock, refers to Tintin as "your little choirboy." This just gets better and better.
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There are some difficult emotional things going on in my life right now. I'll still be around and talking about fandom, because fandom is a happiness and a comfort for me. But I may be a bit flaky for a while. Your patience is appreciated if I, for example, fail to answer your comment promptly (or at all). I don't plan on that, because I want to talk to you folks about enjoyable things, but it could happen. If it does, your comments are nevertheless read and appreciated.

And now, without further ado, more Tintin.

I've been re-reading the two moon comics as I work on my story (which is set then), and I've noticed that spoilers, I guess )

I also finished watching the 1961 French live-action TV movie Tintin et le mystère de la Toison d'Or (Tintin and the Mystery of the Golden Fleece; link goes to the first part of the complete film on YouTube). Alas, this is not subtitled, or I'd recommend that you all watch it immediately, because it's fairly adorable and has so much subtext OMG. Tintin and Haddock are pretty touchy-feely (seriously, it verges on Second Doctor-and-Jamie territory sometimes), and Tintin reads as gayer than Oscar Wilde kissing Bosie on a bed of lavender. Really. The actor's performance may have looked like boyish innocence in 1961, but to me it said "twinkiest twink who ever twinked, and who utterly adores his big bearded older boyfriend, and there might be porn any minute." At a couple of moments the show genuinely seemed on the verge of porn: once when Tintin takes his clothes off (to go scuba diving, okay, so it was TOTALLY JUSTIFIED by the plot), revealing a nicely muscled body in the process, and at the end when he helps Captain Haddock fasten his medal ribbon around his neck. (It's in part 7/7, almost at the very end, and I swear it made me think the creators were wondering how they could possibly write in a scene where Tintin would cling to Haddock with his arms round Haddock's neck, and this is what they came up with.)

Finally: I recently saw a little clip of the new Tintin movie and freaked out a bit, because Tintin looks like he's twelve in the thing. He's not that young in the comics, but it's going to ruin any chance of my seeing/enjoying Tintin/Haddock slash in the movie. Of course there are still the Dupondts Thom(p)sons, voiced by the always slashy Nick Frost and Simon Pegg.
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1) Tintin is the first fandom I've written in where I didn't consume the source text in English. It makes a difference, click here for linguistic wittering )

2) Delicious's new overlords just took command, and have fucked everything up but good. Everyone's tag bundles have been eliminated (you can apparently remake them as "stacks," but I have almost 500 tags, most of which were neatly organized, and I don't want to redo all that work), tags with forward slashes in them (e.g. all my pairing tags, and probably all of almost everyone's pairing tags) are no longer valid, and apparently only ten tags will display? Or only ten per page, or something. I am not happy. I stayed on Delicious because I foolishly thought the new owners wouldn't mess up what already existed; now I think I may switch to Diigo, which seems to work the way Delicious used to.

3) Speaking of delicious, in the literal and not the "currently buggered up bookmarking site" sense: Lightly-battered fried okra with chili fish sauce.
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I've skimmed through The Red Sea Sharks, Tintin in Tibet, and The Castafiore Emerald in a great hurry, wanting to see how the Tintin-Haddock relationship developed. (And now I'll re-read them properly--I'm partway through rereading Coke en Stock aka the Red Sea Sharks.)

some thoughts )
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I'm trying to find a way to interpret this image )

I think I need an icon of this, but I don't want all the text. Could one of you lovely folks help out? I'd like the text (and the speech bubble, if possible) and the retreating professor to go away, and a new text that says "mon cher." (Try not to laugh: Haddock calls Tintin that in canon more than once.)

In return I will write you a drabble/ficlet of your choice (within the limits of fandoms etc. I'm able to write).

ETA: I have many beautiful icons to choose from now. You folks rock! Thank you so much.
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I'm partway through Destination: Moon right now, and I'm all wibbly over spoilers for a 60-year-old comic )
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1) Read two entire Tintin comics in French. My brain hurts. The French isn't difficult at all but it's been a long, long time since I've read that much French at a go.

2) Written an angsty/slashy Tintin drabble, because I am that kind of person.

3) NOT worked on editing my XMFC fic, because I am also that kind of person.

4) Eaten bacon. Yum.

5) Eaten homemade carrot cake (made by me, the other day). Also yum.

6) Made biscuits (that would be American-style biscuits, which are like small non-sweet scones) and frozen the leftovers for consumption later.

7) Made bread successfully using Mark Bittman's recipe from How To Cook Everything. Last time I screwed up virtually every step and still got edible bread; this time, following the recipe more closely (I still used active dry yeast rather than instant, but proofed it properly) it turned out gorgeous and tasty. But it doesn't have the European-style texture I was hoping for--you know, the really light interior with the big holes? Instead it's got the even grain of sandwich bread. I now want to try no-knead bread, which supposedly produces proper European-style bread with almost no labor. But I don't have the right kind of pan, and the pan is crucial in this recipe because it produces the necessary steam-rich environment. Hmmm, I need to see if I can find a decent heavy covered pan or Dutch oven somewhere for cheap. This sudden attack of baking has also made me decide I need a rolling pin (which, admittedly, it's weird not to have if you bake at all) and one of those big plastic sheets that you put over your countertop to work/roll your dough. Not to mention, um, a stand mixer, because my arm got sore trying to beat the eggs sufficiently for the carrot cake. (I won't actually be buying a stand mixer, because they cost several hundred dollars and anyway I have nowhere to put one, but I can see the attraction.)

Apparently days like this are what happen when I can't go out because I have no money. (Overspent like a fool. Will be fine come payday, which is Thursday.)

Eep, all this talking about baking has made me want to bake something else. It's like an addiction.

ETA: Have started the next Tintin comic. Tintin is buying a present for Captain Haddock. Awwwww.


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