Jan. 10th, 2016

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Okay, mostly I'm posting to show off my new icon. (LJers, I'm afraid you'll have to come to DreamWidth to see it.) I am entirely obsessed with Hannibal right down to dreaming about it. I have even written some words!

Apart from obsessing about Hannibal, I've been doing a bit of cooking and baking. Last weekend I finally got around to baking the chocolate-chestnut bars I'd been planning to bake at Christmas. Tragically, the chestnuts (which is what drew me to the recipe) are overwhelmed by the figs and all the rich chocolate, but they're still nice. I have a lot left because it's impossible to eat more than a small portion at a time. I'll probably freeze them to keep until I'm really craving chocolate again, and in the meantime bake one of the many other things I want to bake, e.g. a cranberry cheesecake which I would have baked today except I turned out not to have everything I needed for the crust. I could go out and buy ingredients, but I could also stay at home where it's warm and read more Hannibal fic, and I know which I'm probably going to choose.

Last weekend I also baked a chicken and mushroom pot pie, which was good but had some technical issues. Due to pan size problems, I had to lay the dough in the pan rather than over the top of the pan, with the result that much of the dough got covered with sauce and came out soggy. Tasted good, though.

Yesterday I cooked a vast pot of chicken soup. I made broth from a whole small chicken, plus onion and celery and carrot and a whole head of garlic. Then I added turnips, potatoes, freekeh (cracked green wheat), a zucchini/courgette, cooked chickpeas, kale, swiss chard, and more garlic, and finished it with lemon juice, olive oil, and parmigiano-reggiano. Which is a lot of stuff, but I wanted something packed with veggies, because it's been a nasty cold snowy winter here and also the plague is going around at work. Now I have lots of leftovers to eat during the week. This is what I've been aiming for in my weekend cooking, because otherwise it's very easy to get into the habit of eating convenience foods during the week even though I don't really want to.

Today I baked a cheddar and chile bread with dough I started yesterday. The recipe is basically a plain white bread with the cheese and chiles mixed in, but I fiddled with it a little, substituting corn meal for a little bit of the flour, using chipotle chiles in adobo rather than the green chiles called for, and rolling the cheese and chiles up in the dough rather than mixing them in (because I wanted the cheese to be a more distinct presence, and also for it all to be inside the dough where it wouldn't burn). The loaf just came out of the oven, looking and smelling good.

I feel like I should cook or bake something else today but I'm not sure what. *contemplates large amount of potatoes in cupboard*
kindkit: A blurred, ominious image of Hannibal Lecter under a tree. (Hannibal: Hannibal red)
As always, brief episode summary under the cut, comments on LJ only, and there may be spoilers for the entire show.

A note on sources: My episode re-watching is taking place via files of the aired episodes, rather than the DVD versions (which are often "producers' cuts" and somewhat longer). This is because (a) it's more convenient for me to take notes on my computer, (b) my antique computer does not have enough memory to play DVDs, and (c) I discovered, when one of my S3 DVDs turned out to be unplayable and I had to watch files instead, that S2 and S3 of Hannibal were not actually filmed in pitch blackness. No, it's just that my antique TV turns all darker shots into muddy muck; I did a direct comparison by viewing the end of S3 both ways, and on my TV I can hardly see what's happening. So I'm erring on the side of being able to see, but it's frustrating to know I'm losing bits of content that way. I've seen the DVD versions, but I can't always remember what's missing in the aired ones. *sigh*

Episode summary under here )


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