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As before, the post itself will contain a brief episode summary, while the discussion will be held in comments on LiveJournal.

A note on spoilers: Since the first rewatch post, I've marathoned the rest of Hannibal. I find I really want to be able to discuss how individual episodes fit into the show overall, so there will be spoilers.

Abigail Hobbs wakes up from her coma. Because Jack Crawford suspects her of complicity in her father's killings, she's interviewed first by Alana Bloom, then by Will and Hannibal; Bloom thinks she's hiding something, while Will is convinced of her innocence and Hannibal seems to support Will's interpretation. Freddie Lounds also speaks to Abigail, telling her that Will is insane.

At Abigail's request, Will, Hannibal and Alana take her back to Minnesota, but on the evening of their return, Abigail's friend and neighbor Marissa is murdered by the copycat. Jack suspects Abigail, but forensic evidence links the crime to Nicholas Boyle, brother of Cassie Boyle, the first woman murdered by the copycat.

Boyle confronts Abigail and in terror she stabs him. Hannibal convinces her that no one will believe she acted in self-defense and helps her hide the body. Later she tell him that she knows he's the one who called and warned her father. They agree to keep each other's secrets.

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