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Can anybody recommend a good, simple Firefox IRC client to replace Chatzilla, which doesn't work on Firefox Quantum?

I am sad about Chatzilla. Especially since Quantum isn't noticeably faster for me--in fact sometimes it seems slower--so I'm not convinced the improvements are worth the loss.

(Please don't tell me to switch to Google Chrome. Google already knows enough about my online life.)

Never mind. I just saw that DownThemAll doesn't work anymore either, and the extension Mozilla is supporting as a replacement has gotten a lot of reviews saying it doesn't work. So I think I'm going to try to revert Firefox back to its pre-Quantum version.
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Weird problem which I hope someone with technical knowledge might be able to offer suggestions about. So: on Thursday evening I was able to connect to the internet from home using the wifi hotspot network I always use. On Friday morning, I couldn't. There was no connection at all, not even the one to the wifi sign-in page. Troubleshooting brought up the message "Wi-fi has no valid IP configuration." After several attempts I was able to fix it and it worked on Friday evening. Saturday morning it was dead again and wouldn't respond to the reset that had worked before.

I tried the first and sixth solutions here and they didn't work; most of the others aren't relevant to me because I don't have a router.

I tried connecting my old computer to the network and it seemed to work--at least, I was able to get as far as the wifi sign-in page, which I couldn't with the new one.

And today I took the new computer to Starbucks, where lo and behold, it connects just fine, not only to Starbucks wifi but to the network (xfinity) that I couldn't connect to at home.

So the problem is not my computer, right? But probably the local router I'm connecting through, which I have no control over because it's xfinity's router and not mine. At least this is what I'm assuming. But I don't want to keep having no connectivity from home, especially because since getting the new computer I can actually stream movies and music now.

So I guess I should contact xfinity, although the last time I had a problem they were incredibly unhelpful. But could the problem somehow be on my end? I'm wondering how my old computer could still connect.

ETA: Some research has shown that I can get a proper internet connection for less than I'm now paying for hotspot access, so I guess it doesn't really matter.
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I'm trying again to use Facebook to keep in touch with people. Which is to say, I'm trying to make my affection for the people overpower my hatred for the cluttered, unintuitive, inconvenient interface.

But please tell me, o knowledgeable Facebook users: is there really no way to limit your news feed to posts by your friends, instead of getting a post ever damn time a friend "likes" something or comments on something? I only have about 30 Facebook friends and already the signal-to-noise ratio on my news feed is pretty terrible. I know about using friends lists, but I still don't want, say, a baby announcement from a grad school friend's cousin turning up on my feed because my friend comments on it. I don't know how people with hundreds of friends wade through the sea of posts to find anything of real interest.

Second question: is there a way to not see someone's posts without actually unfriending them? I have an old boss friended, but O.B. posts a ton, and a lot of it's Christian stuff or cryptic but probably pro-Trump election stuff, and I don't want to see it but I don't want to offend O.B. either.

not quite

Aug. 16th, 2012 10:15 am
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Tumblr: Good source for interesting historical photos, terrible source for correct information about them. This is not Kaiser Wilhelm II, any more than these dashing young women are actually Rosa Luxemburg, Simone de Beauvoir, and Emma Goldman. (The mod of the latter Tumblr says that they assumed the image title was just a joke; maybe it is, but most of the people gleefully reposting the image don't seem to have caught on.)
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Dear Windows,

That thing you did, where you installed a bunch of so-called upgrades without asking me (even though I've told you to always ask me first), and they broke my system so hard that I spent hours yesterday trying to restore it and eventually had to do a clean reinstall, and I lost all my bookmarks and some files because you long ago stopped allowing me to do a proper backup?

. . . yeah, that.

Fuck you for that.

No love AT ALL,

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. . . on discovering that a good deal of music I legally downloaded and paid for several years ago is now completely unplayable:







And while we're at it: FUCK WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER FOR BEING USELESS. Why can't I make it list all the songs I own in alphabetical order?

(Yes, I have and generally use VLC Player. While it's perfectly good for playing music and great for video, it's no good at all for other functions one might occasionally want, such as playlists, or even just looking through one's music library. Also, it failed to overcome the fucking fucking EVIL DRM on the files I can no longer play.)

You know, has its less than wonderful aspects, but at least when I buy music from them, it's mine. I can burn it, transfer it to my mp3 player, and keep on playing it for however long I want, regardless of what Amazon does or even whether I keep being an Amazon customer. You know why? Because it's DRM-FREE.


Oh, and on the subject of media players and libraries, I would like your opinions about iTunes as currently incarnated. Is it actually easy to use, unlike WMP which went from semi-dysfunctional to completely buggered over the last few years? Will it attempt to install DRM on files I already own, or try to convert them to an iTunes-only format? (I don't plan on buying anything from iTunes. See above re: DRM. I just want a music library I can use.) I had iTunes some years back but it annoyed me and I never used it. But that was when WMP was only semi-dysfunctional.
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Fucking Microsoft removed its photo editor program from Windows 7! Jesus Christ on a Vespa, what sort of company removes functionality from its upgrades?

It doesn't even seem to be the case that they want to sell an extra program; they just tell users to go to the Windows Live Gallery, which apparently has some photo editing capabilities. But (a) I don't want to go to Windows Live Gallery just to edit a damn photo, and (b) from what I've read, WLG doesn't have the same editing features.

So, anybody got recommendations for a free photo editing program? I don't want anything as complicated as GIMP, I just want to be able to crop and resize, do some simple color adjustments (brightness, contrast, etc.), rotate, that sort of thing. What the Microsoft Photo Editor did, in other words.

ETA: After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, I've found the kind of simple, idiot-proof program I wanted: Photo!Editor.
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Does anybody have recommendations or anti-recommendations for external hard drives? I need a big one (at least 1T) but I'd also like it to be reasonably priced and reliable. I use a PC, if that makes a difference.

I fear my laptop is not long for this world--last night it overheated and shut itself off. Considering the thing's five years old, I guess I should be glad it lasted this long. But it's definitely time to get a better back up system (I've already backed up the most vital stuff, but I don't have the storage to back up everything) before the inevitable happens.

ETA: I am now the happy owner of a Seagate 1T drive. It was cheap, it was readily available at Best Buy (I didn't want to order online and risk having my laptop die before it arrived and I could back stuff up), and I figure the one-year warranty should protect against any immediate problems.

Thanks to all who offered suggestions!
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Is there anybody who could fix a video clip for me? The problem is that the audio doesn't synch right with the video--it starts out okay but then there are some glitches in the file, or something, and it gets more and more out of synch.

It's 7:57 minutes long, a 30 MB .flv file (I tried to convert it to .avi but then I lost the audio entirely).

I will write a drabble/ficlet for whoever can help me.


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