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Please send me a show in which everyone is lesbian, gay, or bi. Not a show like Queer As Folk or The L Word that's specifically about a queer community, but an ordinary show that's about space adventures or pirates or demon fighters or cops or lawyers or boring white suburban middle-class couples. Just, all of them are LGB (some of them could be T, too, because that would be awesome, but they're also L, or G, or B). No straight people. Even the incidental characters with just one or two lines have to be wearing a Pride button or something.

A show like that might, just possibly, begin to make up for all the shows (even now) without any queer characters, or the ones where the queer characters are speedily killed off, or the ones that queerbait and then say "Nope, these characters are straight," or the ones that have an unspoken quota system for queer characters so there can only be so many.

I eagerly await your response in this matter.


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And now we have another round of "creators plus one half of fandom tell the other half of fandom how STUPID they are ever to think that major characters in a popular series might have a same-sex relationship or be otherwise shown to be queer, what do you expect you silly goose, HA HA HA." As though not wanting or expecting anybody important to be queer in stories, ever, is a desirable thing.

I am fed up.


ETA: Comments are closed. But on the shipping meme I posted last night, I can give all the characters queer relationships if I want to. And I do! So come and play.
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Oh my god, Jeremy Irons, what the fuck is wrong with you? Were you high? Or are you actually just that stupid and bigoted?

Dude, you were Charles in Brideshead Revisited! You've played Antonio in The Merchant of Venice! You are, for heaven's sake, an actor! Surely you know actual queer people who would like to marry their actual partners because THEY LOVE THEM and they want the legal protections afforded to married people. As opposed to men marrying their own sons as a tax dodge--just like how heterosexual marriage means men can marry their daughters for inheritance reasons. Happens all the time!


For my own sanity as a fan, I usually try not to find out too much about actors, musicians, etc. whose work I like. I wish they wouldn't make that compartmentalization harder for me by blatantly showing their bigoted asses for the world to see.


Feb. 17th, 2013 08:05 pm
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Well, I think I may be done with Susan Hill's books. Her second most recent Simon Serrailler mystery, The Betrayal of Trust, major spoilers )
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Dear Windows,

That thing you did, where you installed a bunch of so-called upgrades without asking me (even though I've told you to always ask me first), and they broke my system so hard that I spent hours yesterday trying to restore it and eventually had to do a clean reinstall, and I lost all my bookmarks and some files because you long ago stopped allowing me to do a proper backup?

. . . yeah, that.

Fuck you for that.

No love AT ALL,

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Tonight I watched Bert and Dickie, and all I could think was "they would have made this so much better in the 1970s." (Well, that and "Matt Smith is surprisingly muscular.")

It wasn't bad, exactly, apart from the Unsubtle Swelling Music to Tell You What To Feel. But it was all shorthand, all sketched-in, nothing detailed, no depth of backstory or characterization. I honestly do think it would have been better as an old-school BBC miniseries told in six parts. I wanted to know more about everyone's lives, and what they did in the war, and what exactly was at stake for the government ministers in making the 1948 Olympics a (profitable) success, and the real day-to-day struggle of training while holding down a job and not getting enough calories because food is rationed, and whether there was controversy over hosting the Olympics in the midst of Austerity Britain with its housing etc. shortages. I'd also hve liked some genuine exploration of the class conflict between Bert and Dickie rather than timid little gestures towards it.

If there can be a Slow Food movement, why not a Slow Television movement? No more narratives pandering to the Twittered attention span and thus reduced to the simplest available clichés! Let's have proper old-fashioned storytelling!
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I was looking on IMDB trying to find out what kind of car Peter Guillam drives in the film of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (and I never did find out--do any of you know?). The boards are incredibly disheartening. Post after post of "OMG SO BORING" and spoilers )

oh god WHY?

Dec. 2nd, 2011 10:25 am
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I am trying not to hate the entire world today, but things like this charming piece of fanart (warning for homophobic violence) are not making it easy.

Apparently the artist and their friends think it's the cutest thing ever, too.

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As you may know, I've been reading some books about the Holocaust.

Well, today at work we happened to get in copies of Axis Powers Hetalia, which I had to put price tags on. The cover image of the first volume (link goes to shows Germany as a pretty young man in his stylish uniform greatcoat, which doesn't seem to have insignia but is the kind of coat worn by both the Army and the SS. So cute! Such a fun, friendly cover!

My god, was I squicked.

Depicting Hitler-era Germany as a desirable young man is disgusting.

Sorry if you're a Hetalia fan--I know at least one person who is--but I think the whole cutesy concept is, to put it in the mildest possible terms, dodgy.
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I've finally given in and started reading The Gallifrey Chronicles, the last Eighth Doctor Adventures novel. I was braced for Fitz being written badly, because the book's by Lance Parkin and he always writes Fitz badly/contemptuously. But I still wasn't quite prepared to see spoilers )


Mar. 26th, 2011 11:32 am
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I just realized, from a prompt over at [ profile] queer_fest, that slight spoilers for Warehouse 13 )

ETA: And having now met W13's H. G. Wells, spoilers for Warehouse 13 2x01 )


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